Montréal, Quebec, CAN

I am a solo artist from Montreal QC. I have independently released 2 cd's, the latest just last September and have received airplay at some college/campus radio stations across Canada. I label my style as pop/rock and have performed shows either with my full band or solo acoustic. I consider myself very professional in every aspect of my musical career especially at live events and if I am selected I am sure you won't be disappointed. Thank you.


Wilst is a solo artist and multi-instrumentalist based in Montreal, Quebec. After playing and recording with a couple of bands early on in his career, he decided to get formal musical training. Wilst went on to complete his Masters Degree in guitar performance at McGill University. After graduation in 2006, he, along with his brother, formed the indie pop rock band CitiZen Folk. In 2008 they released a 7 song Ep entitled My Friends. Many shows as well as radio airplay in Ontario and Quebec followed. When the group disbanded in 2009, Wilst used the opportunity to embark on a solo career with the self release of his first CD While I Was Waiting in 2010 which was played on university and community radio stations across Canada.

Wilst independently released his second CD entitled Strip Away in September 2012 also being played on university and community radio stations. The original songs that he composes can be labelled as alternative/pop. His influences include Bruce Springsteen and Sam Roberts, and can be heard in his music.



Written By: Wilst

I look around and all I see
Are sad eyes and empty faces
Then I think when they look at me
Do they see the same

I knock on wood and bang on steel
Just to ease my inhibitions
But I know what’s right and real
Inside my head

I stare too long, nothing ever changes
Don’t ask me why I do what I do

It’s automatic

I stay up late with tired eyes
My body’s a little broken
There’s not much to say ‘cause tomorrow night
I’ll do it over again

I’m ready to leave, make my way out the door
I don’t want to keep you waiting
I’ve let you down so many times before
I feel the shame

I stare too long, nothing ever changes
Don’t ask me why I do what I do

It’s automatic

I never wanted to feel this way
But I’m no different than anyone else

So don’t ask me why I do what I do

It’s automatic

Set List

Waiting For Me
Strip Away
After All These Years
Better Part Of Me
Rise Up
Falling In Love
Penny That I Found
Unicorns & Honest Men
Weekend Hero
For Love To Survive
Drive With Me

Touch The Moon
Joker and a Fool
Echoes of You
Hounds are Lazy
Losing Yourself
Goodbye my Love
Road to Paradise
Ticket for Love
Hold On, Wait Up!
My Friend


Here comes the sun
Reason to believe
Pay me my money down
Aux portes du matin
Song for George
Should I stay or should I go