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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Band Rock Alternative


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This band has not uploaded any videos



""...welcomed for it’s fresh and unique sounds...""

“Wilton Said... is a musician whose work should be welcomed for it’s fresh and unique sounds, something that’s appealing in a world where one-beat alternative rock bands and cash-cow boy bands seems to dominate the airwaves.” - etc...news - Anthony Furey

"“....this six-track sampling from Wilton Said has me foaming at the mouth for more.”"

“Wilton Said has a captivating voice...Said has a way of letting his voice give a whole new perspective to the music being played”.
“Wilton Said is a multidimensional singer”.
“It really is one of the best tributes to the Pixies I've ever heard”(Re the middle section of the song In a People Bar)
- LeftOffTheDial.com - Nessim Halioua

""...musically displaying a wide range of music styles, ranging from poprock to Jazz/Pop....""

“WILTON SAID is a multi-instrumentalist from Canada, and his CD ‘Broken’ is filled with 6 tracks, and musically displaying a wide range of music styles, ranging from poprock to Jazz/Pop. It’s not the typical album you would expect appearing on our site, so it is only recommended to open-minded musiclovers." - Strutter'zine - Gabor Kleinbloesem

""...this work is a prog fan's delight.""

"Wilton himself is a master at stage presence, presenting different aspects of the music like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat. The songs presented on 'The View' capture that same quality."
"For those who like musical kaleidoscopes, it's a trip not to be missed!"
"If you're looking for musical challenge, this album is for you. If Peter Gabriel and Fish are in your catalogue of prog, then add this one, and quickly. The music is powerful and evocative, the lyrics are startling in their clarity, the concepts challenging."
- Doug Leblanc - Canprog

""Wilton Said really brings back the fun and adventure in both the music and vocal aspects.""

"It's by far one of the better, dare I say slightly more original progressive pop-rock band to come cross my hands in a long while."
"All songs are sung with a flare that still reminds me of a blend of Geoff Mann and Freddie Mercury."
"Wilton Said has always, to my ears, has always thrown out the rule book on progressive rock and re-written it to suite their musical ideals."
"The View seems to be their defining moment to date"
"...his voice is very fresh and unique."
"I would definitely say The View is highly recommended independent or otherwise release for 2006!"

- Ron Fuchs - Prognaut.com

""Said’s quirky mix of art rock influences is on full display...""

"Said’s quirky mix of art rock influences (Queen, Bowie, Kate Bush battle with Sarah Slean and A Perfect Circle for prominence) is on full display on The View, his newest release."
"The tracks on The View are pretty immediately accessible, but with enough quirk and twisted arrangement to move the band out of the mainstream."
"The View is an album packed with a variety of musical twists and turns. All the more amazing is that this is done in just over 34 minutes. In a modern musical environment where quantity is held as having far more importance than quality, it is a joy to listen to an album that hits hard and fast, with no throwaway tracks."
- Bill Knispel - Progscape.com

""...Said purposefully steers clear of the unimaginative and mundane.""

"Thankfully, much of The Butterfly Plaque isn’t at all radio friendly, but its deliberate nod to ’70s progressive rock will make pals with ears belonging to most right thinking Discman owners."
"There are enough winding, jazz-inspired passages that linger beyond three minutes to give us all hope that not all up-and-comers or even music hobbyists are working to sound like a cooing Britney Spears or ultra-dull Sam Roberts. "
"All of this, of course, is quite deliberate. Said purposefully steers clear of the unimaginative and mundane." - Andrew Matte - Town Crier


The View - (CD e.p. Released 2006)
The Butterfly Plague - (CD Released 2004)
Broken - (CD e.p. Released 2001)
World up my Ass - (Cassette/CD. Released 1999)
Wilton Said... - (Cassette E.P. Released 1997)



Toronto indie artist Wilton Said... likes to write lyrical topics which explore the places which others may find a little dark. This can range from the homicidal school shootings in "No Other Way" off of 1999's release"World up my Ass", the follow me like sheep fashion rant of "The Gap", off of 2001's release "Broken", through to the public self confession of "The Telling" off of 2004's "The Butterfly Plague". His last release titled "The View" (2006) takes a look at topics that we can all relate to but don't necessarily want to. The struggle to find an identity so we may fit in as heard in "Pretty". The lust for control and domination to soothe our own weaknesses in "A Family Affair". The struggles with addictions and deceit brought to light in "Merry go Round". "The Empty Sky" with it's theme of coming to terms with hopeless situations.

Musically, WILTON SAID...'s style can be referenced back to his experiences of classic art rock artists such as Kate Bush, Queen, Peter Gabriel, Supertramp, and (older) Genesis. Other inspired contributions range from A Perfect Circle with their release "13 Steps", David Bowies 2002 release "Heathen" and Radiohead's "O.K. Computer". All have added inspiration to the rich eclectic texture of his music and to his strong baritone vocals.
While Wilton's past studio and live experiences has had an assortment of musicians backing him up, his current and most stable line up consists of the textural stylings of Guitarist Chris Reid, the groove and grounded Bass playing of Frank Heisler, and the subtle yet intricate Drumming of Richard Rizzo.

WILTON SAID..., who holds a Degree in Musical Composition from York University, has been performing in the G.T.A. promoting his various CD's through live shows and interviews. For more information regarding future shows and events, please visit the website at http://www.wiltonsaid.com

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