Wil Townsend

Wil Townsend

 New York City, New York, USA


Author/musician Wil Townsend’s newly released book ‘The Blueprint to the Izm’ is a bold attempt to reveal the inner workings of the games men play and how and why women allow men to play these games. According to Wil, we are living in a time when people, especially women, no longer have the fortitude to stand for something and instead inevitably fall for anything. ‘The Blueprint to the Izm’ implores WOMEN to take back the respect and the power they once had and teach or start teaching the young the same principles.

Determined to fulfill his dream, after graduating college, Wil and a childhood friend formed the singing group Asante and soon after signed a recording contract with Columbia Records and began working with producers Denny Foster and Tommy McElroy (En Vogue). While touring with Asante Wil began to observe the women and their somewhat unscrupulous patterns of behavior and a coldness in the dating world he had never encountered prior to touring. Wil felt compelled to speak out to an excited crowd of screaming, yelling and “wanting more” crowd of men and women; Wil had a message and it had an urgency “men we have to start respecting these women.”

Following the group’s breakup and some very real life experiences, Wil found his platform. A new day has come, a new man has emerged, enter ‘The Blueprint of the Izm.’