If you like Enya, Kate Bush, Loreena McKennitt, You will love International Singer Wiltrud! Wiltrud combines Classical, Jazz, World beats, and Lounge to form her unique sound.


The beautiful and enigmatic Wiltrud Weber encompasses what a true artist is in every sense of the word. Inspired by her real experiences of life, her spiritual journeys, emotion and great performers who command the stage, she expresses herself in a unique fashion.

Having completed the CD In a Different Light, produced and recorded in the legendary Hansa Tonstudio Berlin in Germany, Wiltrud is now poised for the next step of her journey:
Together with Jephte Guillaume, an internationally-acclaimed producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist who is helping Wiltrud craft a beautiful assortment of eclectic songs, she is working on a new album and planning a dynamic world tour with an amazing live show and production !

Wiltrud says that her goal is to “inspire and encourage people to be themselves” and to “see the love and beauty in life and to have no fear.”
She feels, “fear is the most powerful tool to manipulate people and send nations into war. As artists we have the responsibility to contribute to the understanding of different cultures and backgrounds.”

Classically trained, Wiltrud performed as a solo soprano with high profile ensembles like the Berliner Philharmonic Orchestra and in famous concert halls like the Berliner Philharmonie.
An unforgettable rich and colorful soprano, Wiltrud is an international vocal presence who has crossed the borders of her operatic background into the realms of global cabaret, eclectic world, jazz and pop music. The result is an exotic cross-pollination of culture, rhythm and soulful melody.
Singing in numerous languages, Wiltrud marries her operatic background and profound stage presence to cast a wide and entrancing net over her broad and international audience.

In New York City Wiltrud is performing her Global Cabaret shows in venues like the Gershwin Hotel and Joe’s Pub; in Germany she is appearing regularly in festivals like the famous “Bodensee Festival” with a blend of classical tradition and world music beats.
Wiltrud Weber’s incredible talent and dynamic versatile styles bring her into the music industry with an approach that is fresh and inventive. This combination of world music and gifted songwriting blends to create a feel good style that is sure to take the world by storm !


"In a Different Light" released June 8,2007 in Berlin Germany

Set List

2 sets with ca 45 minutes each
(mix of originals and covers)

Original Songs

In a Different Light (Wiltrud)
Fly High (Wiltrud)
M.M. (Wiltrud)
Longing/Porgi amor (Wiltrud/W.A.Mozart)
In Your Light (Wiltrud)
Peace on the Subway (Wiltrud)
Be in the now (Wiltrud)
The Madonna and the Girl (Wiltrud)
Who will see behind (Wiltrud/Brianna Sage)
Strawberries and Pepper (Wiltrud)
Sometimes (Wiltrud)

April Child (M. Valenti)
My Ship (K. Weill)
Bei mir bist du schoen (Sholom Secunda)
The River is so blue (K.Weill)
Ich hab noch einen Koffer in Berlin (M. Siegel)
Show me the River (P. Adams)
Besame Mucho (C. Velazquez)
Apres un Reve (G. Faure)
Notre Amour (G. Faure)
The Riv