WINCHESTAR songs are rock'n alternate rolling indie tunes that easily "crossover" to numerous radio formats. You HAVE to see the band live to "GET IT'. Not only is the on stage energy felt between the cousins performing but the VIBE of band as a unit pushes out into the crowd.


Core members James & Daniel formed WINCHESTAR after jamming at an all night party.
Rehersals soon turned serious & before they knew it they had embarked on a whirlwind creative period crammed with all night recording sessions and memorable live performances.
Originally early bass lines were played by Nic, and the party kicked on enjoying themseleves so much that on one trip leaving the bass player behind in Melbourne and occassionaly missing the odd plane here and there... apologies to all on flight DJ324.
With Nic missing in action James and Daniel recruited well known bass man Ben "Hammer" Moore to fill the shoes, and fill them he has by injecting his own style and energy into the live shows.
With rock'n riffs, hook line and sinker vocal melodies backed by a solid rhythm section, WINCHESTAR have often been referred to as "better live than on the record" and after you see them perform it's obvious to see that they truely are in their element on stage.
Constantly recording WINCHESTAR are committed to writing and fine tuning new material and are in the studio at the moment cooking up a new batch of indie rock roll tunes.
With numerous support slots under their belt's in both Brisbane and Melbourne they are continuing to build a strong following of supporters...locally and currently receiving global exposure through - Brisbane's best kept secret is about to break wide open.



Written By: D.Gatland

Open heat beats, open minds
Level headed half the time
Closing windows - you fear the sun
Everybody's staring at what you've done.

You drive me ccccrazy
You leave me ccccold
You drive me cccrazy
And I ccccannot cope

Easy pickings on the ground
Winter harvest, throw me down
Chasing sunsets around the world
Everybodys laughing, its what you heard

You drive me ccccrazy
You leave me ccccold
You drive me cccrazy
And I ccccannot cope

I'm leaning on my heart with you
Learning not to do it
When I should shake the shackles off
Running around with you
Running myself into this here ground is never deep enough
It's hard enogh to pick you up

Reading stories in your mind
Happy endings we don't write
Blurry photos, scratch and wipe
Everybody's changing their tune on life

You drive me ccccrazy
You leave me ccccold
You drive me cccrazy
And I ccccannot cope

I hope they broke the mould on you


Aus Radio:
Track: "Format"
Triple J(National)
Triple R (Melbourne)
TripleZ (Bris)
Track: " My Satelite"
Nine Network - Backyard Blitz
Track: "format"
Ten Network - Rove live
Track: "format"
ABC - Rage
Track: "No Sleep"
ABC - Rage
Night Life Video

Set List

11 songs
45min set duration, + or - as required.