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"Review of Straight Into the Rising Sun"

"Wind Broken Stones' newest release should please all fans of folk rock and acoustic music. ... a solid effort by some talented local musicians."

John Sharpe (Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Scene Magazine) - Scene - London's Entertainment, Arts and Newspaper

"Review of Straight Into the Rising Sun"

"Though rooted in the neo folk genre of its soulful successors, the likes of Blue Rodeo and Great Big Sea, Wind Broken Stones takes you on a musical roller coaster of tempos and treatments and rightfully makes no apologies for doing so. From the anthem-esque musical assault of Won't Be Denied to the evocatively observant Grass is Always Greener (We’re all in this together though it never feels that way) the CD flows with an irreverent rhythm of the ebb and flow of the tide, in the middle of a hurricane and the music is such that it's the kind of storm you just have to witness for yourself.

There are wind broken stones that we step over, step around or kick down and cover with dust every second, of every day of our lives and then there are those special Wind Broken Stones that you pick up, place in your pocket and keep because of their connectiveness to something real and meaningful in your life. Well this band, these Wind Broken Stones are for keeping. Highly collectible and equally rewarding and most definitely, Not to be Missed."

–Sheree Gillchrist (Canadian Folk Music Bulletin)

- Sheree Gillchrist (Canadian Folk Music Bulletin)

"Wind Broken Stones - A Creative Hurricane"

"It was amazing to work with this group. They are such a driven musical force and from the final album masters I've heard, you would be doing your ears a serious disservice if you miss this release." - Matt Symes ( - Matt Symes (


"Straight Into the Rising Sun", 2010



The Wind Broken Stones are an unlikely musical hybrid. Named after a lyric by the late Canadian songwriting legend, Stan Rogers, the band is a collection of seasoned musicians from dramatically different backgrounds. This is the place where folk meets hard core; where classical precision meets the loose soul of a campfire. All of this floats above a foundation of passionate songwriting and complex vocal harmonies. The songs can at times be gentle and poetic and other times fierce and desperate.

Instead of leading to creative roadblocks, the eclectic backgrounds of the band members seem to help them meet in the middle, which is why it’s often hard to label the band in one particular style. Wright's classical and Celtic leanings raise songs up while the steady rhythms of Henderson's bass keep them grounded. Toy and Moir add soft lead parts in just the right places but can also deliver energy fueled riffs that are hypnotic. The distinct vocal styling of Parlee drives the front end of the band and serves as a pivot point for the others to harmonize around.

As songwriters, the Wind Broken Stones blend a myriad of influences to deliver images that are a reflection of the dark and light in all of us. This is music you can listen to alone with a drink in the darkest hour of the night or belt out in the car while on a road trip with your closest friends.

Although “Straight Into the Rising Sun”, the band's debut album, was only recently released, the band is already hard at work on a follow-up and are already experimenting with new sounds in their live sets. Love. Loss. Friendship. Longing. Its all here... just not in a way you've ever heard it before.