Wind Cries Mary

Wind Cries Mary


We are a committed and hardworking group of young artists. We love what we do and aren't looking for a "big break". We know it begins with focus and ambition and then setting the goals we aim to achieve. By using our social networking resources, we dig for our opportunities.


Wind Cries Mary started out with Devin (drums) and Jordan (guitar). The two built the foundation jamming in their basements in Parkhill during their public school/high school days. With a growing passion for their music, they searched for worthy band members to fill in the other positions of the band. After several line up changes the band settled with Michael (Guitar), Justin (bass), and Derek (vocals) to form the band.

We all come from different towns and met through each other meaning we actually became good friends through being brought into the band. We now all realize the importance of this band and our shared love for what it is that we do.

We consider our music to be of the metalcore genre. It's sometimes fast, really heavy, and melodic, all spread out between our songs. We've released our "Ouija" EP which was all recorded and produced by Thomas Ireland and Rob McKercher at Ice House Studios in Goderich, Ontario. The release has received great feedback from the members of our community and from listeners all around the map. Our influences range from hardcore bands of the past to more recent heavier acts such as Parkway Drive, August Burns Red, I The Breather, and Memphis May Fire.

With hard work and perseverance, we strive to learn as much as we can and reach out to as many as we can. We're working on writing the best content that we can produce and travelling across borders to play on foreign stages. you could say this is a dream in the making and we won't stop until we get to where we envision ourselves to be.



Written By: Derek Brandon

As soon as I wake up, I think about the dreams I had or if I had them. I forget them again.
I remember a face, yeah, your face and all I need is this.
NOW I t, t, t,try to face the day.
I remember, yeah I remember everything
You look so damn good I want you naked in my mouth,
Take off your clothes before I get a little too serious.
All of the things that, you need to know, that this gets out of control, yeah.
You look so damn good,
Anywhere time or place, take my hand and I"ll show you what it really means to be,
all that you can be.
I'm seduced, by that perfect smell,
No bullshit
The ecstasy involved was not the drug but the feeling that resolved of being one with this,
I should know this, you should know this. Why can't you see, I am right!
I feel alive I don't know why.I believe you must have that effect.
I feel alive and I don't know why. I believe you must have that effect on me.
Some good effect! Yeah!
Tick tick tick tick kaboom!
Part of me is pulled away from this world as this ecstasy it takes over,
driven by desire, this high, that's what I'm here for,
I have no reason to believe the statistics, but to actually realize the possibilities to fix it,
there is one good thing I need in this life, to actually be responsible for this human life to become.
As soon as I wake up, I think about the dreams I had or if I had them. I forget them again.
I remember a face, yeah your face and all I need is this
You look so god damn good
I want you naked in my mouth,
take off your clothes before I get this serious look on my,
all of the things that, you need to know.
That this gets out of control!
Anywhere time or place take my hand and I'll show you what it really means to be
all that you can be!


We have released a handful of demos that we put out on an EP called "The Outbreak". After that we ended up in a better studio to record our EP called "Ouija". A couple of our tracks have been featured on London's Indie Underground podcast.

Set List

Ouija(intro), Welcome, For You My Friend, My Insignificant Other, Ecstasy, Spill The Blood, My Worst Intentions