Winding stairs
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Winding stairs


Band Pop Singer/Songwriter




"Winding Stairs Everything"

This is works of really great artists that has released this year's best album. Damn, they're great!
- Zillo Magazine

"Winding Stairs Everything"

Melody arches beyond the usual – basically, the indie-pop disc of the year is created.
- Westzeit

"Winding Stairs impresses"

Melodies swirl around like branches in a leafy tree. It feels fresh and classic at the same time. Kind of like newly pressed sheets.

5/5 - Sundsvalls Tidning

"Winding Stairs Everything"

The debut is so complex that you often check if you still have the same disc in the CD player. Completely crazy. Crazy good.
- Intro Magazine

"Winding Stairs Surving Funeral Season"

Most likely to reference Kate Weirdo Bush's album "The Dreaming,” but
without the threatening quality. Or the Irishmen of Clannad,
without schmaltz. Or just Moloko, only ten times wittier and crazier.

8/10 - Eclipsed


With EVERTYHING their debut album from 2010 the swedish duo has already delivered an album on a very high quality level to start with. Beautiful produced Indie Pop Songs, often compared to acts like Kate Bush, Goldfrapp, Kristöfer Aström or mindliked artists who interpretate Pop as a wide playfield of possibilites and not as a one way street into consumer expactations.

With Winding Stairs anything is possible. Name it Indie or Pop, include variations of Jazz, Electronica, Chanson or even Lounge...expect the unexpacted and you are pretty close to understand what the band is all about. And once you discovered the beauty of Lina Wedins voice you know that this is the key to make it sound like a very tight album and not just a number of singles. It takes its time to discover the tracks and all the little melodies, hints and hidden musical fragments. But it’s worth it.

The band about their work: "Restless and easy bored souls as we are we seek for dynamics in everything we do. A Winding Stairs album should be as a smorgasbord of different tastes and experiences. Details are everything!



Winding Stairs is a duo from Gothenburg; members are Martin Wahlqvist and Lina Wedin. Tired of sitting alone at home playing to themselves, they found inspiration in each other. In the collision between their different musicalities, the sound of Winding Stairs emerged.