The Comedy Crush Standup Comedy Series

The Comedy Crush Standup Comedy Series


Wine Country Comedy proudly presents the Comedy Crush Standup Comedy Series, featuring the funniest comedians on the West Coast, live at your venue. Comedy Crush is a great opportunity to showcase your winery to the public, or provide the perfect entertainment solution to your next private event.


From regionally known standup standouts to nationally recognized comedy talents, Wine Country Comedy will tailor the perfect show for your event. Our goal is to ensure an unforgettable night of laughs with material suited to a winery audience.

With flexibility in budgeting and scheduling, Wine Country Comedy can put together a one time special event or an ongoing comedy series. In addition to accessing the right talent for your event or comedy series, Wine Country Comedy can also provide sound, light and staging for the event.

If you simply need an emcee or host for your next non-comedy event, Wine Country Comedy can match a suitable professional for the job.