Winfield Davis

Winfield Davis

 Bradenton, Florida, USA

The Smoothest Jazz Funk, Smooth Fusion, Smooth Jazz ,Alternative Jazz and Smooth World Beat you will ever hear.


When he was ten years old, Winfield wanted so badly to make music that he built his own guitar. That determination and creativity drove the Bermuda born musician (who lived alternately in Ohio) to become a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and composer, later performing with top acts in Bermuda’s thriving hotel nightclub culture. After moving to Florida, Davis whose main instrument is bass actively partook of the Suncoast music scene, including performing with the popular dance band Ozone. After a brief break, Davis amazingly released two original smooth “Nu” Jazz albums in one year. The First album “Midnight Player” released in August 2007 and the second “C Street” in February 2008. Most Impressive is Davis composing all the music, playing all the Instruments, recording and mastering both albums with in one year, truly amazing. The future looks very bright for this gifted, and worldly artist.

Set List

1st Set

1. Everyday Hero

2. Fusion Seeker

3. Every Beat of My Heart

4. Sunset Samba

5. C Street

6. Let’s Chill

2nd Set

1.The Passion Of The Phoenix

2.East To Exotica

3.Give up The Love


5. Raven

6. Coast To Coast