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Winfield's Locket

Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Band Country


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Nowadays, Country Music artists are influenced by a wide range of vocal styles and musical genres. The hot new duo Winfield’s Locket is no different. Comprised of sisters Leslie and Brooke Martin, they admit to being influenced by everything while putting their sound together. “We really just grew up on Country Music and Gospel,” says Brooke. “Ever since I was very young, I’ve always loved all kinds of music. We really just try to draw from everything that we love. Hopefully, everybody that listens to it will feel the same thing. A lot of people love different kinds of music, so we hope people will love it as much as we do.”
- Music News Nashville

"DISClaimer Reviews- 5/26/10"

For a DisCovery Award, you can’t do much better than Winfield’s Locket. I don’t know whether their project is actually available or not. But if or when it is, get it.

Writer: Leslie Martin/Brooke Martin/Alan Bennett; Producer: Ilya Toshinskiy, Leslie Martin, Brooke Martin & Jason Henke; Publisher: Friend’s Field Music (ASCAP), Winfield’s Locket Music (ASCAP), Over The Bush Music (BMI); This Side Up Records (
—The track is echoey and enchanting. Their vocals are fierce and fine. The Middle-Tennessee local traffic directions are ultra cool: “I’m a little bit hard to find…but I’m worth the drive.” - Music Row

"Winfield's Locket- Sweet Diversity"

Written by Lisa Giaramita

STRUM | Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gorgeous harmonies that interweave so elegantly, they tingle down your spine every time you hear them - that’s Winfield’s Locket.

Brooke and Leslie Martin are sisters who were born and raised in Louisiana. Their natural-born talent had been tinted with musical diversity that included Gospel, Pop, Rock, Blues, R&B, Country, and Bluegrass. They grew up singing in choirs and in church. They also had been writing songs since they were four or five years old. Their family stems from a strong musical background. Their mother was a writer and sang at church, and their father played keyboard and sang at church, as well.

Brooke and Leslie have a distinctive quality all their own, as is evident in their music and their personalities. They were meant to share their music with anyone who will listen. It’s difficult not to. For two such humble, down-to-earth people, Brooke and Leslie give you that feeling like you’ve known them all your life. Then you listen to their music, and immediately, you are drawn in to the essence of who they are and what their songs stand for.

The main message Winfield’s Locket wants to get across is, according to Brooke, “I would hope that they get who we are through our music. We really just want people to get that, you know. We want to be a positive influence on the world, to be able to have really young kids listen to our music and not have their parents be like ‘you can’t listen to that, it’s too bad.’” Leslie adds, “We want to make them feel emotion. That’s the main thing. We want to make them feel something when they listen to it.”

Winfield’s Locket co-produced their recently released, self-titled album with Jason Henke and Grammy-nominated producer and multi-instrumentalist Ilya Toshinskiy. The album includes 12 wonderful tracks co-written by the sisters, along with Henke and a variety of other amazing songwriters. With a wide range of influences, their sound can ultimately be defined by what the listener takes from it. The messages that are conveyed throughout their songs are so powerful that Winfield’s Locket nails it upon every delivery. Maybe it’s because, as Brooke states, “We’re so connected with all our songs.”

Brooke and Leslie Martin have constantly been influenced by God and their parents, and always believe in giving. When asked what they would do with their first million dollars, without hesitation, Leslie said, “We would do some donating for sure.” Brooke added, “We would probably donate it – well, not all of it. We do have to live [laughs]. We would definitely donate some to charities like St. Jude’s, and we’ve always really been into sponsoring children in other countries with organizations like World Vision.”

Purchase the new album from Winfield’s Locket, and you won’t be disappointed by what you hear. And don’t forget to treat yourself to one of their live performances!

The Winfield’s Locket CD release party will be held at The Rutledge in Nashville, TN on August 16, 2010.

For more information on Winfield’s Locket and to purchase their CD, visit their website at
- Strum Magazine


Winfield's Locket- released 2010



A fresh blend of soul-infused country. Unmistakable blood harmonies. Emotive vocal performances and musicianship that make you feel something...different. Timeless songs with remarkable melodies that stretch conventional boundaries and expectations. Engaging charisma. A sound all their own.

This is Winfield's Locket.

First and foremost, Leslie and Brooke Martin are sisters and close friends. On an entirely different level, they are magical musical collaborators – versatile composers, vocalists, musicians and producers – who complement each other so well there is no doubt they were meant to create music together.

Born and raised in Louisiana less than 100 miles from the world-renowned French Quarter in New Orleans, the two quickly developed a love for music singing Gospel songs and hymns in church, all the while absorbing the diverse music the southern swampland has to offer. The result is music watermarked with a truly unique combination of genre-blurring elements – undercurrents of Rock, Roots, Pop, R&B, and Gospel intricately interwoven through their own eclectic brand of country soul.

Winfield's Locket recently emerged from the studio with a special collection of songs that comprise their self-titled debut CD. Produced by highly-regarded Grammy-nominated multi-instrumentalist / producer Ilya Toshinskiy, Winfield's Locket and Jason Henke, Winfield's Locket features 12 songs co-written by the talented duo. From the jangling, radio-ready hooks of "Fast," to the driving electri-banjofied "Save Yourself" and the ambitious mandolin and bazouki-flavored composition, "No Place To Hide," the album showcases Winfield's Locket's ability to create meaningful and memorable music. Winfield's Locket is available now on iTunes, other digital music stores and

Robert K. Oermann, noted Country Music historian and critic, recently gave Winfield’s Locket and their debut collection a glowing review in Music Row Magazine. He gave the duo a DisCovery Award, something he reserves for eye-catching talent on the rise, saying: “For a DisCovery Award, you can’t do much better than Winfield’s Locket…get it (the CD).” He said of their song “Worth The Drive”: “The track is echoey and enchanting. Their vocals are fierce and fine. The Middle-Tennessee local traffic directions are ultra cool: ‘I’m a little bit hard to find…but I’m worth the drive.’”

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