Wings of the Wave

Wings of the Wave

 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

Wings of the Wave pushes the boundaries of commercial music with the combined talent of Laura Gossett's mainstream pop influence and the band's more experimental side. With vocals like Taylor Swift and instrumentation like Coldplay and Explosions in the Sky, the band has a very unique sound.


We are a brand new band, but we are working very hard to gain exposure and experience very quickly. We all have been a part of different bands with lots of live concert experience. Music is our daily commitment, and we will work diligently for any opportunity presented.
Thanks, Ryan Higgs

In June 2011, Alex Fatkin and Ryan Higgs traveled to the CODA Recording house in Lincoln, Nebraska. After practicing and adjusting a set of songs for months, the two cousins recorded five for a possible EP. With the experimental nature of the songs, many expected just another instrumental band; but Alex and Ryan didn't want to settle for something already done. They wanted a unique sound that could border commercial indie.

So in August 2011, they enlisted the vocal talents of Laura Gossett. Laura made it to the Hollywood round on American Idol in 2007 and stayed in LA where she worked on her own album. Adding Laura's pop influence to their sound, Wings of the Wave emerged.


Cycles- 2011

Set List

Surgeon Hands
Various covers
Down in the Valley