Wings To Burn

Wings To Burn

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

A rising metal/melodic/experimental/nintendocore band from Milwaukee,WI that is slowly gaining respect from the local metal scene. With singing,screaming, breakdowns, blast beats and epic melodic parts, there is something for everyone that has ever liked metal in the music of Wings To Burn.


We are a 5 piece melodic metal/melodic hardcore/experimental/nintendocore from Milwaukee,WI. We have been together about 3 years and after tireless setbacks including stolen equipment and lack of practice space and viable demos. After changing guitar players in the summer of '10, we have solidified a lineup that will turn the Milwaukee (and possibly the country and the world's) metal scene upside down. Combining traditional metal breakdowns and blast beats with rich, epic melodic guitars and quirky yet well composed nintendo theme-inspired interludes, there is nothing musically that we can not and will not achieve if you give us your attention.


Self-Released and Titled EP, available for free at our shows
two tracks from this are available for listen on our myspace

Full Length Album TBA due out later 2011

Set List

Always changing and being updated with new songs