Wings to Burn

Wings to Burn

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Rising Epic-core band from various parts of Milwaukee,WI looking to prove to the world that they are a talented group with the ability to unleash heavy, melodic, genre-mixing metalcore with a techy tingle that will please all who allow their ears indulge. What is Epiccore? See WTB live and find out


A group of five ( Javy-Vocals/Samples/Synth, Scott-Bass, Jay-Guitar, Nick-Drums, OtherScott- Guitar) from Milwaukee,WI looking to simply be heard by as many people as possible.

Combining the catchy metalcore riffs of Guitarist Jay with the profound shredding techniques of Otherscott backed by the thunderous, mind-shattering rhythm section of Scott and Nick and the endlessly-brutal vocal range of Javy, WTB has evolved to a sound best described as Epiccore. "What is Epiccore?" you ask interested but naturally skeptical tone, as if you need proof. See WTB live and you will know for yourself

Wings To Burn began as a metalcore band in the summer of 2008. After playing many local shows in 2009 and 2010, including spots on legendary local-metal band Spiral Trance shows at The Rave and winning 2010 Gorilla Productions Battle of The Bands: Milwaukee, the future seemed bright for WTB.

Then drama struck that included stolen equipment and a falling-out and eventual parting with former guitarist Mike Dorsey. Unfortunately this was all taking place during the recording of the first WTB demo in May '10, a demo that needed to be recorded or it WTB would have been no more.

After Dorsey left, WTB immediately took on long-time friend and killer, killer guitarist OtherScott to fill the void. OtherScott brought an immense amount of talent, ambition, and overall positive attitude to a morale-drained band. He officially joined the band in Aug 10 after a long summer and Wings to Burn was rejuvenated and running on all cylinders. All of the band members knew within 2 months of practicing that this new combination was something that needed to be heard.

After a return show in Nov 10, WTB was back with a furious ambition to play to as many people and with as many bands as possible. Now in 2011 WTB is taking matters into their own hands by booking shows all throughout unexplored territory in WI.

After a highly successful show at The Miramar Feb 25th with big regional names Blank Image, A Night At the Chalet and Kingmaker, WTB are using their momentum to book and play the biggest, most quality shows wherever they go. For all info on their upcoming shows you should visit their bandpage on facebook, where you can download their debut demo for FREE!!!!


Demo, recorded at Apophis studios, available for download on our Bandpage on Facebook for free!!! Physical copies also available at WTB shows for free as well!!!!