Melodic AltPopRock 3 piece of Vocals/keys, bass and drums with an Electronic Backdrop.


Winhara, one of Toronto’s most exciting new bands has been turning heads with their highly energetic live shows and an album of killer tracks entitled 'Hold Back Light Show.' Since the recent release of their debut effort, the band has been featured on CFRB1010's Rock Talk and their song, Please Believe Me, was used in the television show Degrassi: The Next Generation.

The four piece mashes together the best of alternative, pop and electronica in their epic sound and gets references to bands from Muse to Keane to the Arcade Fire.

Winhara dabbled in independent recording but when renowned Toronto producer, Byron Wong (The Crystal Method, The Eurythmics), took them under his wing all the doors were torn off. Byron has pushed Winhara's sound to be bigger, edgier and more synth-driven. The result - an album with strong hooks, pushed by crushing choruses and epic outros.

These songs explode on stage in an extremely dynamic live set where light melodies switch instantly into dark, pounding anthems. The high-energy performance reverberates through synthesizers and distortion and is built on a foundation of tight, energetic drumming.


Hold Back Light Show.