Winlock Toledo

Winlock Toledo


Winlock Toledo. Baritone Guitar - check. Low key delivery - check. Brilliant songs that will break your heart - check. Show Seattle you love them and book Winlock Toledo for (your venue here).


Winlock Toledo is the most underappreciated artist in Seattle. The simplicity of the baritone guitar and understated singing reveal breaktakingly profound and heartbreaking lyrics. If there is anyone in the world that you love more than yourself - you should introduce them to Winlock Toledo.



Written By: Jim Dougherty

The remnants of me and you and me
are broken - everyone can see
salvation aint in the cards for us
our souls are as broken as our bodies are

the tracks of me and you and me
run further than they run deep
our failure to live has caused
our dying as we live and breathe

the chip on your shoulder says, "gratitude"
well I'm broken enough
if you're not comfortable letting me burn then run

purpose is a fallacy
born of superheroes and fantasy
reality is rolled-back eyes
the remnants of you and I

the story of me and you and me
will be told one night only
in a calculated voice with no remorse
two insignificant souls


Written By: Jim Dougherty

I keep a photograph of you at age sixteen
You were just as I recall, you were innocent as anything
As much as flesh can judge itself I believed it

I guess we're all just damaged pawns
Worshipping kings and queens and bishops
Son, I had no answers for you
The disorientation had me lost, too
I don't know

Compassion may run deep when tragedy appears
But it's alien at best when the tragedy is yours
As numb as I could feel I disbelieved it

It was easy to teach you when you were a child
but I could never find the words to try and tell you why
Why we're finite and the text of the story's incomplete
(all I could think is)

Wild Lies

Written By: Jim Dougherty

Your ex-lovers were clairvoyant they always could distill what you felt
I guess because I ask too many questions I'm less your man than them

Even if your love is true there are many shades of gray
... a fact that you dispute

I don't care what's gone wrong I'm hoping for your wild lies to reassure me

Your ex-lovers were there whenever you would cry without reason and tell you you're right
I guess because I have steady employment I'm not as supportive as you'd like

Your ex-lovers were so creative comparatively I don't hold suit
It begs the questions why they are ex-lovers and if it was them or if it was you

Ghost Soul

Written By: Jim Dougherty

Sealed in a jar I find you so sullen
Uncompromising, who you are you're exhausting
You feel but can't explain what you want
I'm still pining for you despite it all

I'm just a bit player to you, Ghost Soul

A moistened envelope with a letter
Affixed to it a stamp I received you
when I was better than I am you ruined me
I was a stronger man when I was apathetic

Your old haunts looking out on the water
Quoting yourself cool as all hell Ghost Soul

What I might classify as love anyone else might
see as hero worship you were amazing
an iconoclastic trip but you were
never quite human my understanding is


Written By: Jim Dougherty

I went through this joy with you and didn't think about what it meant
It was less a sense of victory than satisfaction
Filter remains blue and the news remains unchanged
the assumptions were wrong

There is no shelter in a house of cards

1000 Daggers

Written By: Jim Dougherty

1000 daggers piercing through my heart
I want you for irrational reasons, still you're all that I want

I don't relish the thought that this is where it started

Ten religions honing on my guilt
I'm so effing conflicted but want to be with you still

some rock of ages that would wither away

1000 daggers pierce through my skin
You're all that I'm breathing - you keep me alive


Written By: Jim Dougherty

The change you said would change your life was wallpaper and embellishment
It may have been a romantic idea but it didn't change your life one bit

ooh sha la la baby I just want so much to believe

The new calculus is still derivative just like everything that I create
I cling to ignorance and tell myself this time will be great

There's no road map here to guide us and our intuition is shot
and there are very few among us who'd admit to you that they're lost

There's a million shades of gray, little details to be made
And all I can see is a cinema movie

The life you thought you'd live turned out to be the one that just happened
and i bear witness to your pain but hey ain't that the way it is?

There Is Nothing Left To Say

Written By: Jim Dougherty

what good are words when you're articulating a feeling
they just convolute the deal
made you think you could negotiate yourself back into her

there is nothing left to say
just to pick up the pieces now

she is a cruel thing to think you could be consoled
to ease you off the drugs
you should see that it's not working - you are desperate to talk

a new day's dawned you refuse to wake up
she may seem genteel



Set List

(All original - can player longer set as desired)
1. Dissatisfied
2. Heroes and Villains
3. Wild Lies
4. Pawns
5. Gospel Truth
6. Remnants
7. Orange Rose
8. Angles
9. Phantom Limb
10.1000 Daggers
11. Lowlight
12. Shelter
13. Derivative
14. Ghost
15. Gabriel Prepares His Bed Before Sleeping
16. Moneymaker
17. There is Nothing Left to Say