London, England, GBR

A London based female artist with a four piece band of guitar, bass piano and drums. Winnet presents a huge stage presence.
The music is slick, tight and diverse. A modern take on Vintage incorporating blues, manouche jazz and rock. Uplifting clever stuff. Every track has its style.


The strength of the band is that the music covers many genres that come together to form a irresistible sound that is Winnet. Winnet is visual and vibrant displaying a modern take on vintage and at the same time inexplicably to date. The lyrics are full of encouraging wisdom and the music intelligently presented. Always interesting and irresistibly catchy.
Winnet started working with guitarist Joe Volante and pianist Jack Stanley three years ago on simple ideas that could be easily grasped by first time listeners. Since then they have been joined by bassist Thomas Sangster and drummer Leo Ferdorcio and together they have moved on to produce a more progressive sound incorporating different eras and countries.
Influences come from all over ranging from traditional blues rock to Muse to Marlene Dieritch and Piaff.


'A Hat For The Camel' is a soundtrack for a short film under the same title. Set during the second world war, all the original music carries a 1940s feel. There are five tracks on this album.

The first EP has three tracks on it. The single 'Get Out' being the title track. 'An Idea' and 'Nicky'.

Presently recording a second EP to house the tracks 'Walk On' and 'Laugh Again'.

Set List

laugh again
an idea
walk on
so special
dear daddy
get out
crazy boy
i've lasted all this time
rotten game
in the sun