A strong brew steeped with flavors from eastern Europe, the high seas, and a dash of bawdy americana cabaret.


From the cobbled streets of Paris circa 1920, to a dusty wagon train across Romania. From peril on the high seas, to the seedy underbelly of prohibition era cabaret, we've hitched our way across a century and more. We have brought back with us an acoustic revelry of uproarious instrumentals, swooning ballads, and an intoxicating live performance for young and old alike.


EP "Down in the Dunes" released in the summer of 2007. A self titled LP was released in the fall of 2008.

Set List

We play all original material. Sets range in time from 45 minutes to an hour, including: Then by Nightfall, Flarblonget, Lichtenstein, Broken Carousel, Scalamoochie, and other selections new and old.