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Akron, Ohio, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Akron, Ohio, United States
Established on Jan, 2014
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"Unbeatable Sense of Style"

Winslow has really brought a fantastic sophomore album to the table with Left of the Right Direction. With an unbeatable sense of style, the six-piece band manages to move in several musical directions showing that they are not going to be held back by genre labels. - Plugged in Promotions

"Well-Crafted Music"

Nowadays, it’s getting harder and harder to find truly inspired music. I’m talking about music that was manufactured and poured from the heart and soul. Well-crafted music is becoming a rarity these days, however Winslow begs to differ. This 6-piece group from Cleveland delivers music that was crafted from the heart, developed by the mind, and inspired by the soul. - Gratefulweb

"Highly Recommended"

Winslow has put together a disc for the ages: Left of the Right Direction will hit many “best of” lists for 2013 and it positions this talented group for a level of attention and notoriety that has been years in the making. Highly Recommended. -

"Blew me Away!"

Winslow blew me away!
- Regional Radio Director of Wind-up Records

"Against the Law"

"A Crazy Kind of Love -- Oh my goodness, a real live band! One that plays real live music, and makes honest to goodness red hot soul/rock/funk fusion. I thought making that kind of music was against the law. "
- Howard Dukes - -

"Standard Bearer- Warner Brothers"

I have worked with some of the best and most successful male vocalists in the history of popular music- everyone from Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder to Teddy Pendergrass, Lou Rawls, Barry White, Curtis Mayfield and Ray Charles. Though I never worked with Sam Cooke, he is my favorite. He was the standard bearer. He could sing everything from Tennessee Waltz to You Send Me and Shake Rattle and Roll and make it his own. Maurice Martin, lead singer of Winslow reminds me so much of Sam Cooke. Every song he sings, belongs to him. He is the new standard bearer waiting his turn. - Gene Shelton, Former VP Media Relations of Warner Bros. Records

"Overall Thoughts- Buddy Lee Attractions"

I like them; they have a lot of old school influence. It's got a great Dance feel as well. They will go far.
- Gary Kirves of Buddy Lee Attractions

"Poised for Recognition-"

"Making waves in the US with a new blend of blues-infused pop, Winslow is poised for worldwide recognition. Incorporating a wide range of influences, from the likes of Matchbox 20 to John Legend, this band is paving a new path for musical direction; watch this space!"

"Happy to Recommend- Akron Beacon Journal"

I've lamented the loss of the R&B band many times in this space but today I'm happy to recommend a band steeped in actual rhythm and blues as well as pop. The band can play smooth R&B/smooth jazz-inflected grooves with real chords and solidly funky rhythms that recall the best of the Brand New Heavies and the acid jazz movement of the early '90s. These guys are a talented bunch, so more power to them.
- Malcolm X Abram of the Akron Beacon Journal

"Out of the Pack- Massachusetts DJ"

“Definitely a group to put on your watch list. In this day and age of sameness in music, Winslow is poised to break out of the pack.”

- Phil Levine, former Fitchburg Massachusetts On-Air Personality

"Ohio's Best- Kent State DJ"

The first full-length release “Crazy Kind of Love” by Kent, Ohio-based band, Winslow is nothing short of amazing, and when you hear it, you will feel just that—amazed. Amazed at how this six-piece band has managed to create their own genre of music, it’s not soul, rock, or funk, it’s a marriage of all of these genres plus more, that forms a sound all their own. Also amazing is the talent level of each of the six young men, all on full display in “Crazy Kind of Love,” which is sure to one of the hottest records of the year as well as a timeless classic.

Hooking the listener in immediately with the breathtaking and upbeat “Breakdown,” Winslow pulls you in with their catchy melodies and powerful vocals. Drummer Justin Hoffmann beats the snare and taps the high hat ever so tactfully throughout the song, but it’s his clever use of the cymbals that heightens the suspense of the dramatic chorus. Next up is the funky “Move On” which features Bernie Worrell of Parliament/Funkadelic who has his way with the keyboards and synthesizers helping make it a definite single. These boys don’t stop the energy driving through with songs like “Control” where guitarist Neal Campbell struts his stuff and brings the funk throughout the whole song, but don’t think he is the only stand out musician in this one – bassist Brian Robertson kicks it into high gear keeping the rest of the boys, as well as the listener, on their toes the whole time, while simultaneously making you run out to your car to listen to this track with your subwoofer on full blast. Now Curtis Tate – a true asset to Winslow or any band for that matter, usually sticks to keys, but he shows off another talent one wouldn’t expect – the trumpet on “Side Show” where he harmonizes with sax-man Matthew Tieman, giving us a glimpse of the camaraderie and chemistry these young men have such an abundance of. Take a listen to “Tango Between The Lines” for a song that truly shows off every single member of the band, and all in all a great tune that makes you get off your chair and onto the dance floor.

The stand-out ballad of the album by far is “Everything” where truly talented front man and lyricist Maurice Martin bares all emotion for the world to see. Starting off with simple vocals and piano, Martin sets the stage, and by the end, the listener finds themselves wrapped up in emotion, experiencing it all right along side him. The intricate placement of three different vocal layers leaves the listener lost in an alternate world, feeling every emotion as Martin sorrowfully croons “Every night and every day / from the midnight hour / I can feel your heart in mine.” Don’t discount the other slow tracks though, “Into Tomorrow” showcases saxophonist Matthew Tieman’s ability to portray emotion through his instrument just as well as Martin does with his lyrics and voice. Winslow also proves they can hang with industry big boys Al Green, Marvin Gaye and the like with the sensual, seductive power of “Masquerade.”

With driving beats, soulful ballads, and lyrics that strike every heart string, “Crazy Kind of Love” fully demonstrates that these men have staying power and an ambitious drive like no other. All talented musicians in their own right, they have come together to form the super-group that is Winslow. Why? Most bands can be split into two groups- live bands and studio bands. Winslow happens to be a rare exception to this rule. Arguably the best live band Ohio has to offer puts it all on the line for this album and comes out victorious, proving they can put on a hell of a live show and put that same energy on a ten song CD. Be prepared to have “Crazy Kind of Love” on repeat. We can only hope that there is much more Winslow to come.

-Cait Rybiski of Black Squirrel Radio
- Cait Rybiski of Kent State's Black Squirrel Radio

"The Next Level- Exciting City Magazine"

There are several ways of dealing with your past: You can run from it, deny it, accept it and move on, or you can learn from it and let it help shape your future. That is just what Kent, OH band Winslow has done with the time the band spent as a cover band that played soul music. It was this time that helped shape the band’s ability to write original soul music.
The band consists of Maurice Martin on vocals, Matt Tieman on saxophone, Chris Tate ..s, Neal Campbell on guitar, Brian Robertson on bass, and Justin Hofmann on drums. It is this band that has just released their first full-length album entitled "Crazy Kind of Love". "Crazy Kind of Love" is one of the rare recordings that you don’t find anymore: new soul album.
While you can find many fine vintage albums from the likes of Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, and many other artists that have already made their mark on the music industry, you rarely hear of new artists taking their shot at trying to create the next new sound in the soul genre. Winslow has not only decided to try to make the next generation soul album, they have succeeded.
To say that Winslow’s style is old school soul would be wrong: the band has not gone the way of the past, they have taken the soul genre and combined it with rock and funk to create a new and exciting twist on the old genre. The band’s new album, "Crazy Kind of Love," features 10 songs of great writing and playing by a band that has taken its time to learn to create something new, something different that will have people talking once the band gets some well-deserved publicity for their album that does more than just help revitalize the soul genre, it kicks it to the next level.
While the album as a whole is a great listening experience, some of the stand out tracks include: Move On, Side Show, Tango Between the Lines, and the album’s title track, Crazy Kind of Love. If you are a fan of soul music, this is one album you must check out. The time spent listening to the album will be well worth it.
The band will be coming back to Cleveland to perform at Around The Corner in Lakewood on April 12th for their CD release party. This will be the second time for this event as the first date, March 8th, was cancelled due to bad weather. Come out on April 12th and check out one of Northeast Ohio’s best new groups.
To check out Winslow and their music, go to www. winslowsoul. com. Also visit their MySpace account @ www. myspce. com/winslowsoul. Also, go to the website for the band’s label, FTF Records, @ www. ftfrecords. com.

- Matheson of Exciting City Magazine

"Driving Force- Black Squirrel Radio"

My first encounter with Winslow took place nearly two years ago. It was a cold and damp evening in late April – normal weather conditions for Kent State's annual Relay for Life event. It was nearly midnight. I was tired. I was cold. I was sleep deprived. Winslow was known as 1959 at the time and as they took the stage, a large flock of people emerged from every direction.
An hour later the set was over and the band began tearing down. I was no longer tired. I was no longer cold and at the time, sleep was out of the question. I feared if I submitted to slumber that I would miss something greater than what I had just seen. So I stayed awake and missed nothing. But it didn't matter, because at that time, nothing was greater than what I had seen on that frigid and dampened April evening.
It has been nearly two years since I first heard this group of young men known as Winslow. The title of this album, Crazy Kind of Love, describes each member's musical passage in the last several years. In essence, what Winslow has been, is currently and will be, takes a crazy kind of love to achieve – Winslow is a driving force that I cannot do justice with any number of words, metaphors or similes. Winslow must be seen and must be felt. Each song on this album encompasses the spectrum of human emotion and feeling; each note and each word opening a floodgate of physical, mental and emotional reactions and stimulations.
Winslow has brought a level of musical respect and credibility to the Kent area that has not been felt since Joe Walsh left. When I first listened to Crazy Kind of Love, I smiled, pressed repeat on my CD player, and it has been there ever since. Just like that night in April nearly three years ago, I don't want to leave the music alone in fear that I might miss something great. That something great is Winslow and their first full-length album Crazy Kind of Love, and I couldn’t be happier that I didn’t miss it.

-Ty Kellog - Ty Kellog- Production Director of Kent State's Black Squirrel Radio

"Cleveland Plain Dealer- A+ Review"


"Crazy Kind of Love"

(Neo Soul Entertainment)

Wow! Get ready to dance, slow groove and smile the night away. Either there's some crazy kind of soul found in the Kent drinking water or local act Winslow has time traveled from the mid-20th century with its debut album, "Crazy Kind of Love." Built around solid songwriting and the powerfully smooth vocals of seeming soul-singer-icon-in-waiting Maurice Martin, the 10-track album offers hints of old school Al Green ("You and I)" and Stevie Wonder ("Tango Between the Lines") mixed with a modern aesthetic ("Breakdown") that will invariably draw Maroon 5 comparisons. In all honesty, Winslow creates a certain amount of musical integrity lost on Adam Levine and company. Furthermore, just as you think you have your mind grapes wrapped around Winslow's sound, the band delivers a sublime guitar solo with the popish "Control." Just like Browns player Kellen Winslow Jr., "Crazy Kind of Love" appears headed for Pro Bowl status sooner rather than later. Grade: A+
- John Benson


Still working on that hot first release.



Winslow's unique blend of soul, funk, rock, and pop has been described by many members of the press and fans alike as a musical breath of fresh air. This sound, combined with the 6-piece outfits polished and passionate stage show has led them to sharing the stage with such major acts as Incubus, Earth Wind & Fire, OAR, Robert Randolph, Keane, Elliot Yamin, Rusted Root, and many more.

Winslows heavily awaited sophomore album is the culmination of 4 years of growth and changes. With 3 new members and a new recording contract with Little Fish Records, Winslow has brought in the assistance of Grammy Award Winning producer Edwin Tony Nicholas(Gerald Levert, Barry White, Mary J Blige) and Grammy Nominated engineer Nick Chahwala(Katy Perry, Mariah Carey, Gym Class Heroes). The band also brought in Cleveland reggae legend Carlos Jones for a guest spot on their single, Nothins Easy.

We have grown a lot since our first album. I feel like our songwriting really has come a long way. We arent trying to fit into a mold of a certain genre or style. Our real goal was to create an album that we could be proud of. Call it pop. Call it soul. As long as people listen, they can call it what they will.

The album's accolades include Features on and Songs from the album have led the band to licensing contracts with MTV, VH-1, E!, The Discovery Networks, and more.

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