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This Mama's Blues

Written By: Kathleen M. Layton

This Mama’s Blues
By Kathleen M. Layton ©2012

Sweet little baby
Won’t you call me mama – one more time
My little darling boy’s grown and flown
The rocking chair moves all alone – tonight

Magikal child from a distant star
I held you and the milky way – in my arms
Beidh saor a’cuisle mo chroi (be free sweetheart> literally in Irish: pulse of my heart)
Mo mac amhain – Ruarí (my one and only son, Ruarí)

Úll ……ar mo súil (you’re the apple of my eye)

This mother’s heart tolls in a minor key
When I think of all you’ve meant to me
Aging hands now cradle
A cooling cup of tea

Sweet little darlin’
Won’t you call me mama…tonight