"Winston's material is sophisticated enough to impress even the most jaded radio listener..." - Vue Weekly


Canadian singer-songwriter Winston didn’t take any shortcuts with his debut solo album, Limited. Recording the six-song EP on vintage analogue gear, Winston self-produced the new album without using any digital devices -- no computers, no Pro-Tools, not even a digital guitar tuner. The resulting recording is introspective alt-pop that is at times gritty and other times haunting.

“I wanted to make something real, something human.” Winston says about his decision to skip industry standard recording methods like using computers to edit instruments, tune vocals and insert digital samples.

“Making an analog record is a lot of work, but it’s way more creative,” he says, explaining that all of the sounds and effects on the record are man-made, whether he’s singing in a reverb chamber, sabotaging a tack piano, or using a wind-up timer as a key feature of the title track.

“Besides, for an album this personal, I didn’t want it to sound perfect. Sometimes the feel is fucked-up and vulnerable, and I wanted to capture that vibe honestly, not just with my lyrics but with the music and recording as well.”

After forming a 4-piece band and releasing a critically acclaimed full-length album Passengers in 2004, West Coast music critics for the Province newspaper listed Winston as a top local act, alongside indie giants Hot Hot Heat and the New Pornographers. “Winston is a joy to see live,” wrote Music Critic Kerry Gold of the Vancouver Sun.

Winston has since gone solo with this album and also produces other indie artists from his secret bunker in downtown Vancouver. Furthering his west coast analogue cause, he recently moved from a Main Street apartment to a cabin on a small island off the coast of Vancouver.

Limited was recorded during the twilight days of 2006 at Mushroom Studios. The album is to be released by Aquarius Records in Spring 2007. A tour is in the works.


Passengers CD - 2004 (Fontana North)
Limited EP - April 24, 2006 (Aquarius Records)

Set List

Winston can keep an audience entertained as long as he needs to, but typically will play 1-2 hours. The set(s) are made up of original material with a few covers thrown in for fun during longer shows.

Here's a Sample Show with 2 sets:

Long Way From The Wrong Way
Love It Up and Fell
Cold Feet
War I Can't Lose
Lost On Me

Love Me Alive
Bottom Of The World
Rock (If You Need It)
Good And Strong