Winston "Flames" Jarrett
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Winston "Flames" Jarrett

Seattle, Washington, United States | INDIE

Seattle, Washington, United States | INDIE
Band World Reggae


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"NWWRF: Day one/Winston Jarrett with Dub Lounge Int."

Dub Lounge offered a change in pace from the soulful, gospel stylings of Queen Makedah, laying a template of punctuated guitar and bass-synched melodic lines and driving, sixteenth-note drum beats. An interesting point in the set was a blistering harmonica solo over a reggae groove, providing a unique contrast unheard of for the rest of the festival.
The singer did his part, but the first section of the show featured more jam breakdowns and instrumental solos, as if the vocal role was being reserved for Jarrett.
Jarrett finally took the stage halfway through the set after an extended introduction peppered with the words “great,” “kingly” and “legendary.” At the behest of a roaring crowd, Jarret shot onto the stage as the stage lights sent parallel beams over the growing crowd in alternating waves of blue, yellow and green as the sun completed its descent. The lights moved up and down, sending polychromatic spirals and circles onto the conifers across the natural amphitheater. A sliver of a green-tinged moon hung in the sky above the stage.
Although Jarrett’s voice was layered with a fair amount of vocal effects and processing, the guy can still sing. Dressed in a baggy, white hemp ensemble with frayed, truncated hems reminiscent of Native American garb, Jarrett moved and gyrated about the stage in sweater boots with a dexterity and energy that seemed impossible for a man born in the 1940s.
Nevertheless, Jarrett put on one hell of show, motioning to the crowd and coaxing energy from every corner of the amphitheater until it encompassed the entire dance floor. Jarrett’s voice, gravely and assured, reflected a rugged authenticity honed from over 40 years in the reggae business. He sang as if he’s lived every word, saturating every syllable with a single-minded cock-sureness that he speaks the truth and what he says is right.
For OMN’s interview with Jarrett, click here.
The crowd’s energy grew with Jarrett’s set, perhaps in response to the presence of living legend or perhaps due to a corresponding apex of certain chemical’s effects. Either way, the night was officially under way. -


• The Kingston Rock (Horace Andy & Winston Jarrett & The Wailers) [aka Earth Must Be Hell]
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[Date unknown]
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• Winston Jarrett & Righteous Flames - Man Of The Ghetto [1977]
• Winston Jarrett & Righteous Flames - Ranking Ghetto Style [1980]
• Winston Jarrett & Righteous Flames - Unity & Livity [197X-8X]
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As a musician
• Horace Andy & Winston Jarrett & Wailers - The Kingston Rock [1974]
• Winston Jarrett - Rocking Vibration [1984]
• Winston Jarrett - Wise Man [1979]
• Winston Jarrett & Righteous Flames - Man Of The Ghetto [1977]
• Winston Jarrett & Righteous Flames - Ranking Ghetto Style [1980]
• Winston Jarrett & Righteous Flames - Rise Up [1967-75]
• Winston Jarrett & Righteous Flames - Survival Is The Game [1969-0X]
• Horace Andy & Winston Jarrett & Wailers - The Kingston Rock [1974]
Backing Vocals
• Various Artists - International Rockers [1975]



Winston Jarrett was born in 1940 in Lime Tree Gardens in the parish of Saint Ann, Jamaica. He moved to Trenchtown where he met Alton Ellis who recruited him and Eggar Gordon (Baby Gee) and formed Alton & The Flames.

The Flames did a number of early classics like ‘Cry Tough,’ ‘Dance Crasher,’ ‘The Preacher’, and ‘I Have Got A Date.’ The Flames were recording for Duke Reid, but were lured away by Sir Coxsone. Alton moved to England in 1969 and Winston reformed the group as The Righteous Flames.

In addition to 17 albums and dozens of solo and compilation recordings (see discography) , Winston backed up Ken Boothe, Marcia Griffiths and Winston Francis. He also worked with Enid Cumberland and Larry Marshall. Winston recorded over a hundred titles during the early seventies for Joe Gibbs and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry among others.

Winston LiveOn ‘Zion’ and other Perry productions, he is joined by Danny Clarke, and the Meditations. Winston also produced a string of fine releases on his own Attra, Human Rights and Humble labels. In The late 70’s he cut fine albums for Brent Clarke (‘Kingston Rock’), Roy Cousins (‘Wise Man’), and two co-productions with Tony Shabazz (‘Man Of The Ghetto’ and ‘Ranking Ghetto Style’).

Studio One released Crucial Times as part of it’s 50th Anniversary celebrations. Produced by Coxsone Dodd, this album shows once again why this man from Trenchtown is still a reggae legend.

So fear not the Almighty Dread For every mouth shall be fed So work up yourself, oh ye rebels, Fear not the Almighty Dread So I say work up yourself So I say set up yourself, set up yourself, Behold, I send my sons and daughters forth into this world, Not to condemn the world, but through Him we will be saved from this Abomination to Eternal Life.
Selah. Selah. Selah.
The Lion of Judah will break every chain.