Winston Scott

Winston Scott


My dad was a country music artist in the 1960's. I picked up where he left off. I am passionate neo-traditionalist. I like to write story songs and songs about what's going on today. I don't think that we should limit music to love and good times. I write about the dark side of life too.


Winston Scott Bio: Winston Scott was born in Tupelo, Mississippi. He was raised just north of Tupelo in the small town of Blue Springs. While growing up, Winston found the love of music. Not through a radio. His parents didn’t have one. “After dinner, daddy would play the piano, guitar, and mama would accompany him on the tambourine… my love of music came from my parents. They were the radio.” Based on the way in which Winston grew up, it’s no surprise that he readily names his father as his biggest influence. “Daddy grew up about 10 miles from where Johnny Cash grew up. They picked cotton in the same fields.” Winston’s father lived in Nashville in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Where he was a talented songwriter and performer. Winston’s father was and still is a very talented songwriter and performer. Winston made the move to Nashville following in his father’s footsteps. He brought with him the lessons he learned from his father, as well as a wealth of musical knowledge from some of his other influences. Among those are classic country artists like Jim Reeves, Faron Young, Marty Robbins, Waylon Jennings, and Ray Price to the new legends like Alan Jackson and George Strait, Tracy Lawrence, Hank JR., and his biggest influence, Merle Haggard. “Merle Haggard is known as the ‘Common Poet.” There’s a great deal of “down-right realness portrayed in his songs… he had a lot to say and he wasn’t afraid to say it. I respect that about him.” From a young age, Winston was raised to be aware. To be aware of not only what was happening to him directly, but what was happening all around him. His songs reflect his acute awareness. They all tell a story. On the straight ahead country rocker Not Enough Dollars, Winston addresses the difficulties of a “hardworking man, trying to rise above.” This is something Winston has experienced first-hand. He is what he sings about… “ People in factories… I’ve been there. They want to hear something they can relate to.” And relate they do, especially to lyrics like “what a man is worth goes down the drain every day, gas goes up while his pay stays the same… born and raised to wear a blue collar… there’s not enough dollars, for these blue collars.” Or on the slightly more personal (yet universally appealing) It’s Been A Good Day, in which Winston sings about the simple pleasures of day to day living, being aware of these pleasures and not taking them for granted, “my old tractor’s running good as new, like when daddy bought it back in ’62.” In country music’s current state, the fans are not always getting what they want to hear on the radio or at the shows, except for artists like Alan Jackson, George Strait, Tracy Lawrence, Joe Nichols, Josh Turner, Jamey Johnson, Ashton Shepherd to name a few. “Country music fans are switching their ears and wallets toward different genres… Even to satellite radios for the classics… Fans of country music want to turn on their car stereo on their way to work and hear real stories again, but without the poppy, over-compressed sound that they’re currently getting. “I’m trying to take back country music and give it back” to the people that once loved it and still do love country music… “By the way, these are the hardworking people, the back-bone of America and they will buy music, country music… “And that’s what I intend to give ‘em.”


Mulekick Mountain

Written By: Winston Scott/Logan Mize/Will Vance

Mule Kick Mountain

Grandpa owned a shack up on Blacktop Ridge
Ran a still off in the woods a couple miles east of Blue Water Bridge
He told of how he spent his days
Waiting on the sun to fall
Getting ready for the evening run
Trying to stay ahead of the law
It was die in a coalmine
Or live running moonshine

Rolling through the dark
Smoky mountain night
Copper on the tail
Cut off the lights
Pedal to the floor, ’32 ford
Gunshot holes, drivers side door
They tried to catch him time and again
But he always made it back to Black Top Ridge
On Mule Kick Mountain

I’ve heard stories from folks who lived around these parts
Black shadows down a rocky road, roaring in the dark
Bullets screaming in the air, tearing through the trees
He said, “he might be on the run but you’d get your whiskey guaranteed
It was die in a coalmine
Or live running moonshine

Repeat Chorus

Time always tends to stretch the truth
In a barn out behind the house, I got the living proof
Underneath a tarp, there’s a rusty old car
Bullet holes sprayed down the side, trunk filled with mason jars

Repeat Chorus

It's Been A Good Day

Written By: Winston Scott/Adam Pope

It’s Been A Good Day

Broke up my first plot of ground today
Weatherman said rains’ on the way
My old tractors’ running good as new
Like when daddy bought it back in ‘62

Coyotes been roaming ‘round here lately
But I got the same cattle count as yesterday
Got just enough feed to get by ‘til that first cut of hay
It’s been a good day

Don’t know how I’d make it without my woman
She took a job in town to keep this farm going
There’s a Chevy truck rolling down our drive
I’m glad to see they made it back all right

Here he comes jumping out of the truck
Boy let me see your ball and glove
Put on the parking brake throw a ball or two supper’s on the way
It’s been a good day

Gather ‘round the table like it’s meant to be
Open up the good book to Luke 23
Up there on the cross, all hope was lost ‘til he rose from the grave
His father looked down and said, son
It’s been a good day

Texas Will Take You Back

Written By: Winston Scott/Chuck Mcarthey

Texas Will Take You Back

You tell me when the snow falls
Everything is pure and white
And the bustle of the city
Makes you feel alive
And the moonlight on the brownstones
Looks beautiful at night
I hope you find all that

But when you get to boston
If you fall off the pace
If your southern drawl and cowboy boots
Feel out of place
If you heart goes searching
For an old familiar face
Texas will take you back

From a ranch in san antone
I can see a million stars
I can chase wild horses
Strum an old guitar
If you get to missing
An old resistol hat
Texas will take you back

You tell me it could work out
If I just came along
But I’ve been a dusty wrangler
Far too long
This leather soul will soften
And miss you when your gone
You can count on that

Repeat Chorus

I’ll be there to watch you fly away
I’ll be there to hold you if you stay
You don’t have to ask
Texas will take you back

Repeat Chorus

Old Oak Tree

Written By: Winston Scott/Shawn Byrne/Chuck Mcarthey

“Old Oak Tree”

The county’s building a new road
They tell me it’s my time to go
But roots run deeper than they know
In this old oak tree

I saw the battle of blue and gray
Sheltered soldiers from the rain
I watched a young man try in vain
To save his best buddy

I’ve seen life
And I’ve seen death
Watched a man
Take his last breath
All and all
In the end
I’ve seen the best
And worst in men
I may be mostly limbs and leaves
But you could learn something from me, an old oak tree

Back in nineteen sixty-three
I saw a cross burn by the creek
Them white hood men tied a rope to me
I only say their boots

The sheriff came by all alone
Told those boys to just go home
A shot rang out the sheriff moaned
His blood seeped in my roots
(to chorus)

So move that dirt and cut them trees
But before you take that saw to me
Think about this
(to chorus)

Set List

Jim Reeves
Welcome To My World
The Blizzard
He’ll Have To Go

Faron Young
Wine Me Up
Hello Walls
It’s Four In The Morning
I Miss You Already
If You Ain’t Lovin’( You Ain’t Living)

Marty Robbins
Devil Woman
Singing The Blues
Ribbon Of Darkness

Ray Price
Crazy Arms
Heartaches By The Number
For The Good Times

George Jones
Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes
He Stopped Loving Her Today
Tennessee Whiskey
The One I Loved Back Then
Why Baby Why
The Window Up Above

Merle Haggard
Today I Started Loving You Again
Mama Tried
The Farmer’s Daughter
Silver Wings
The Running Kind
Branded Man
Workin’ Man Blues
Mama’s Hungry Eyes
The Bottle Let Me Down
I Take A Lot Of Pride In What I Am
Daddy Frank
If We Make It Through December
Always Wanting You
I Think I’ll Just Stay Here And Drink
Misery And Gin
Big City
That’s The Way Love Goes
Are The Good Times Really Over For Good

Waylon Jennings
Lonesome On’ry And Mean
I’m A Ramblin’