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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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The Way (EP) and currently we do not have airplay. Our music, of course, is 100% available for licencing.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Radiohead has changed the face of real music today. They have, in our opinion of course, solidified the bar to which others must not only meet, but attempt at all times to exceed. We are a humble band. Andy and I met in 2001 in New York City for a brief period and collided w/music for the first time. His month stay ended immediately. Music must at all times encourange you to create in some way. In 2002 he returned for a contract job for 2 years. Music began for Winston Smith. 'freedom is the power to say 2 + 2 = 4.'
Andy records everything he plays...nearly. Not the good stuff, of course. Oh no! He left for Mardi Gras in Feb. of 2003 leaving behind his recorder. I took leave of myself that week-end. In the years of searching, my actual thoughts were being drawn to the forefront immediately. Winston Smith music. My brother, Dave (call him that. It'll piss him off). is the drummer. Born gifted, he'll tell you, he started playing at 5 and moved up from there. Small break of 23 years and he's back in the saddle. Married, kids the whole nine. Poor sap. Tomi joined late after our 243 996 543 bassist audition went horribly wrong. Again. He's now the fuckin' bassist forever! Got it!! Andy's weird and he thinks I'm the poster boy for some Ed Wood film and there you have it.
Music for us should alter you in some way for a period. It should challenge your perception. You should leave a live setting with questions, some demands. You should want to talk about the experience after the CD listen. You should feel more than you did when you entered. Our music is moody. It represents the outlook we all (that's everyone people) have in our lives. Is this who we want to be? Then change, ...why not? Really..why not? Y'know, alcoholism is in 7 out of ten homes. I believe god is a word that represents a light that exists w/in us. In some dormant. We, Winston Smith, challenge ourselves to create a setting. A space in real time. The area that tells you you can change if you want.
Radiohead. Led Zeppelin. Pink Floyd. Black Sabbath. These bands set the bar for Winston Smith and we'll continue to reach.