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Winter Children

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Demo-Of Mountains Dark



Winter Children was formed in October of 2006 by Lord Theodin and Lord Sweyn. The two came in contact through a mutual friend by the name of Rhiannon and once they got to talking they realized a band needed to be formed. After talking more they set up a date to get together and jam. On the first day of jamming together they had already written a song which they titled "Winter Reign". They both had a passion for Viking Metal so Viking Metal they became! They also realized that they wanted to pursue this band seriously so they set out to find a drummer. A friend of Lord Sweyn's, Ryan was the first to try out on drums. Things didn't work well and Ryan decided not to be in the band but they already had another drummer and a guitarist waiting to try out. The drummer's name was Jordan and the guitarist's name was Robby. They were over to jam within days and after they jammed they joined the band. But alas, due to personal interests in music, the band was not meant to be quite yet. Robby and Jordan went off on their separate paths and the band was left yet again needing a drummer. Now the two lords knew they needed a new member who was as serious as they were. They came in contact with a drummer named Chris and they were quite impressed because Chris actually knew of a lot of they're influences. They tried him out and he seemed to be a good fit so they started writing and practicing even more. The new lineup now realized they were in dire need of either a bass or a rhythm guitar, and Chris happened to know a lad by the name of Joe who they decided they would give a try. He came over and played through "Winter's Cold" with them. They were all skeptical of whether it would work out. They discussed whether they wanted a rhythm guitarist and the idea came up to put him on bass. But before they could try him out again they got word from Ryan that he wanted to be their drummer again. Since Chris was very in-experienced and wasn't really working out like they hoped, they they decided to let him go (on good terms) and let Ryan rejoin. They were very relieved to have a decent drummer in the band and they felt comfortable enough to try Joe out on bass. Joe went over and on Lord Sweyn's bass he played "Winter's Cold" with them again. This time it was as if the gods had blessed them and they knew he was the one. Theodin and Sweyn sat down together to write a new masterpiece which they entitled "Riches of the Mountain." At the next practice they played it and they knew they had truly succeeded. Later on, they saw a poster at their school for a Battle of the Bands in Crivitz and knew they needed to sign up. They signed the sheet and payed the money for they were confident they would be victorious. Two weeks before the show Ryan decided to leave the band, leaving them in a difficult situation. Luckily, one of Joe's good friends, Dan, was a drummer and agreed to play with them for the show. He came over and they played "Winter's Cold" with him. At the very instant Dan started with the beat, they knew he was the one they had been searching for. They practiced and practiced for the Battle and when the day finally came and they walked on stage for the first time, it was all worth it. They played their hearts out on that stage and ended up taking 4th out of 10. When the 1st place winner was announced, the crowd chanted Winter Children instead. After experiencing all that, Dan decided to permanently join the band, making the show all worth while. That was it! They were finally complete! Joe was later dubbed Váshrill, and Dan was named Danimal. Since then, Winter Children have become one of the most popular and respected metal bands in Central Wisconsin and they are only growing faster each day.