Ryann Winter

Ryann Winter

 Rancho Cucamonga, California, USA

Im a songwriter that has a love for live band sounds and writes accordingly. When I write songs I imagine loud guitars, drums and and horns. I write from the world's heart so that every song is a classic!


Im from Long Beach, California. I spent six years in Atlanta, working and living to being homeless to working again. I started working with producers in Atlanta and decided to start from scratch in beautiful California.

My influences vary from Outkast, Billie Holiday, Elton John, Brand Nubian, Sade, Amy Whinehouse, Adele, Incubus and of course..the Beatles.

My goal is to be able to have every band, singer and performer desire for me to write music for them.

I am currently working on building my own studio from the ground up. I can play guitar, piano, trumpet and the drums all by ear and heart.



Written By: Ryann Winter

Hook/Please Understand/ who im tryin to be/a better version/version of me/please forgive/the mistakes i made/when i couldnt see/whats ahead of me/please /please/be there/please/please be there/verse:I know you said it more than once/till you were blue in the face/i know the warning was gonna come/and the excuse i was gonna say/the shame always kept me away/the fear always pulled me back/i thought you had given up/my heart could not take that/ Hook 2x


All my songs and jingles are up for sale
"love is poison" currently for sale
"Forgivness" currently for sale
"lenscrafters jingle" currently for sale
"Change hurts" currently for sale