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"Winter Gloves- Web Exclusive Interview"

Winter Gloves
By Jill Langlois

The unintentional brainchild of Charles F., Montreal’s newest outfit, Winter Gloves, is catching the ears of music lovers and critics alike. The synth-heavy quartet just polished off their CMW debut with good reviews in tow, and will be hitting the road again for Exclaim!’s own 16th Anniversary Tour. Charles took some time out of his schedule to answer some questions about what makes his new band tick.

Since Winter Gloves is so new, can you explain what kind of band you are?
It actually started as a solo project, so I just began to write a few songs with my Wurlitzer and had some fun with synths and drums over it. I had some songs and just put them on MySpace. Then there were just a couple of people that told my, “Oh wow, they’re really interesting. You should do something with that.” But I was in another band at the time.

What was the other band?
It’s called Lady Grey. But it’s not really well known. It was a band out of Quebec City. Anyway, so I just talked to a couple friends of mine who I wanted to work with. So I called Louis Fernandez who plays the guitar and glockenspiel, and Vincent Chalifour – another friend of mine – and Patrick Sayers. We just started a band together, and now we’re Winter Gloves. We’re a pretty new band. It’s been less than a year now. I think we’re kind of synth rock, but we like to have fun and call it glock rock.

Is what you’re doing now a lot different than what you were doing with your other band?
Yeah, totally, because the other band was more of a guitar band. It was definitely different because it was more aggressive. Winter Gloves is pretty different because, for us, the most important thing is the melodies. We’re really inspired by dance beats and things like that, but at the same time, the melodies are the most important things in the music.

You just finished recording your first full-length record. What’s the album going to sound like?
At first we wanted to do something very garage, but at the same time we have a couple of songs that needed to be warmer. It’s kind of warm, but it’s indie rock at the same time. It’s hard to tell for me because it’s so early in the process, but we’re very happy with it so far. Basically, the entire album is about seduction and urban lifestyle. Because we’re from the suburbs the city is very exciting for us.

You described your About a Girl EP as having “a pleasant dirty sound.” How did you make that happen?
On the EP it was pretty easy because I had only one microphone and I was recording at home, but on the record what we did was recorded a couple of tracks outside the studio and kept some of the noises. Sometimes we played things without plugging them into the amp and recorded it with a microphone, so when you listen to the album you can hear the fingers knocking on the keys. There are certain things like that that we still used in the recording of the album. For sure it’s not as garage and you don’t have the dirty sound of the EP on the new album, but there’s definitely that touch that we kept.

Do you think that type of sound translates well to your live show?
Actually it’s pretty different live because there’s a lot more energy. The album is probably closer to our live gigs than the EP. On the EP I’m the only one playing everything, and on the album we’re the band, so the dynamics are very, very different.

How do you think being from Montreal has affected the way you’ve been perceived?
There are a lot of good bands from Montreal, but at the same time it doesn’t matter because we’re just a band playing music and we try to have fun and have people dancing with us. Maybe a couple of people are just tired of hearing about bands from Montreal or others are just like, “Oh another band from Montreal! That’s so exciting! There are so many good bands there.” But to be honest, I don’t really mind being associated with that.


- Exclaim!

"LTTGOE: Winter Gloves"

April 18, 2008

Last time I checked in with Winter Gloves, a deliciously sweet and youthful foursome from Quebec City (but have since settled in Montreal), they were kicking my ass (and trying to make me fall in love with them at the same time) at CMW, where they opened for Woodhands at The Drake. Frontman Charles F. promised us that the band was about to duck away into the studio to record their debut album, but in the meantime, they were giving away free copies of their three song EP, About A Girl (you can listen to it on the band's MySpace page). According to the band's MySpace, the EP was recorded using a single microphone in a combination of recording studio/cramped Montreal apartment, and mixed with the original ambient noise left alone to create a 'pleasant, dirty sound'.
Word has it the band's debut album is nearly ready and should be released by this coming September. Very exciting news! Check out this clip of the band recording the album at Halla Music in Toronto. It makes me giddy thinking about seeing them live again.
If you wanna see exactly what I mean, check them out when they open for Tokyo Police Club (whose album you can preview a week in advance here) over the next two weeks:
April 18 @ Barrymore's Music Hall, Ottawa *
April 19 @ Cabaret Du Musee Juste Pour Rire, Montreal *
April 23 @ L'Escogriffe, Montreal #
May 2 @ The Opera House, Toronto *
May 3 @ The Opera House, Toronto *
May 31 @ Le Cercle, Quebec City %
* with Tokyo Police Club
# with Hexes And Ohs
% with Sea Wolf and Jealous Girlfriends

- blog

"Who To See At CMW"

Winter Gloves (midnight at Drake Hotel, with Huckleberry Friends, Tropics, Laura Barrett, Slim Twig, and Skratch Bastid)

If the Silver Dollar/weewerk showcase mentioned above is evidence #1a for the stacked line-ups criticism, this Paper Bag showcase is #1b. In fact, given that this is essentially Woodhands' send-off party as they embark on a huge North American tour, this might end up being the most fun showcase of the weekend. The Winter Gloves, too, will play a big part in that; there's a fair amount of buzz building around them, and their debut EP -- which shows an impressive amount of depth for such a young band -- shows that it's entirely earned. - i (heart)

"The WInter Gloves and Our Book and The Authors at Quai des Brums"

Lord knows why the Winter Gloves refer to their high energy, body shaking music as healing/easy listening on myspace. But, hey, irony is hip, cool, fun. Though, with bands just starting out on what promises to be a tremendous career, those who are not in the know will not know the irony. But, no matter. I'm pretty sure this is a band that we'll be hearing about for years to come. At the moment, their 5-6 song repetorie is short, but proud. Every song is gripping, energetic, and sprinkled with enough musically complicated components to warrant it distinct from most of the palp indie-pop out there. This is not your navel-gazing music. When Charles f. lays it on the tambourine, he beats the devil out of it (to quote Bob Ross) and then flings it behind him with wild abandon on to the next. He's clearly the main force behind the band, but he blends well with his equally energetic compatriots. I can't wait for this band to write a few more songs, put out its first album, and get its van and start the revolution. Until then, I'll take what I can get, even if it is just five songs at Quai des Brumes. - Dreadlocks, Mohawks and Mullets

"Winter Gloves and Ruby Coast- Review"

I did not buy any souvenirs during my stay in Montreal. Although I did hear some amazing music. I took the liberty of taking that music back across the boarder into the states with me. Let's hope the mounties don't come after me.

Tokyo Police was amazing, I expect nothing less from them. I could truly go on for post after post about TPC's show and how awesome their music was and how OUTSTANDING their live performance was, but the opening acts set the tone for the show. Ruby Coast was playing as we arrived fashionably late. Their leader singer reminded me a lot of Weezer's front man; he had the over sized glasses with a cool voice, and impressive guitar riffs. Simply put they had a super clean sound with charging keyboards. I couldn't stop bobbing my head up and down as they tore through their set. My only complaint was that their drummer was lagging a bit, but Ruby Coast's overall performance was outstanding. Listen to their music here!

My favorite song: Neighborhood

The second opening act was Winter Gloves. Winter Gloves is a local Montreal band, and know how to play some serious keyboards! To explain how much I like this band I'll start off by saying the day I was back in the states I downloaded all their songs I could. And have listened to the fours songs probably about fifteen times each. That is not an exaggeration by any means, ask my roommates. Winter Gloves lead singer and lead keyboard player knows how to write music. I was astounded by how well put together each of their songs were. Not to mention their drummer (who had a sweet moustache and I talked to after the concert) was using electric drums, which I was really really digging. I don't think I could think of a band to compare their sound to. Honestly, I've never heard anything like it in my entire life, maybe something close, but I wouldn't dare compare another band to them. Not to mention they had the stage presence of a big time band and spoke French. I highly recommend downloading their songs from their myspace page and listen to their music!

My favorite song: Piano 4 hands - Blog Review

"Tokyo Police Club (w/ Winter Gloves)- Cabaret April 19th"

The All-Canadian indie rock invasion sponsored by Exclaim magazine was taking place at Le Cabaret last night for a sold-out show. The three young and energetic bands present were Ruby Coast, Winter Gloves and Tokyo Police Club.

Ruby Coast opened up with a short set of happy and simple indie rock tunes that fitted perfectly into the evening's theme. The five members of the Ontario-based band look like they are straight out of high school but they perform like champs. They were able to warm up the young crowd efficiently, and it seems like they just have a lot of fun on stage - which is hard to find these days with all these bands who take themselves too seriously. +1 bonus point for playing xylophone on one of their songs.

Second was the most "mature" act of the night, Winter Gloves, a Montreal band I had never heard of. Apparently, I was the only one, because it seemed most of their fan base attended the show. I must admit I got charmed by both their "dancy" and their more serious songs, and I started liking them even more when I saw all the great bands they list as their influences on their Myspace page. Winter Gloves will be performing on April 23 at L"Escogriffe with another electro-rock Montreal band called Hexes & Ohs. I give another +1 bonus point to Winter Gloves for having pre-recorded handclaps on one of their songs: very cheesy and very 80s but still a lot of fun.

Finally came the young and innocent-looking Tokyo Police Club. Since their second full-length album, Elephant Shell, will be out in the next couple of days, the band took advantage of the occasion to perform many of their new songs. From what I heard, most fans will not be disappointed by this new record: Tokyo Police Club sticks to the same formula of short, structured and mostly upbeat rock songs. I must admit I was a little surprised to see the show was sold out, and to realize some of their upcoming gigs in the states are already full too. I guess it's good to know there are some kids out there who can appreciate Caandian indie-rock. My last +1 bonus point goes to the dorky keyboard player from Tokyo Police Club who was completely on fire. Oh and the light poles changing patterns and colors were great too. - Blog Review

"Five Things You Should Know About Winter Gloves"

Five things you should know about Winter Gloves
BY Rob Duffy

Fri, Mar 7. With Plants and Animals. Criminal Records, 493 Queen W. Free. 6pm. Also Mar 7, The Drake Underground, 1150 Queen W. $5 before midnight, $10 after. CMW wristbands accepted. 12am.

1. They are a synth-rock outfit on the rise. After a year spent across the pond digesting British indie, the band’s lead singer, who goes by the minimalist moniker of Charles F., grew tired of his garage rock band in 2006 and turned his attention to arguably the most beloved electric piano in rock ‘n’ roll, the Wurlitzer. With a handful of promising home demos, Charles assembled a band and relocated them to a certain musical hotbed….

2. Yes, they’re a Montreal band. Get over it. “Even while I was living in England, I kept hearing about bands from Montreal,” says Charles, who describes his hometown of Quebec City as a much quieter place. “When I moved back to Canada I thought, let’s go to Montreal — everything’s happening there. We think it’s the place for us.”

3. A full-length album is on the way. After the release of their home-recorded About A Girl EP last year, Winter Gloves chose a professional studio for their full-length debut, yet they’re eager to replicate some of the charms of the home-recording process. “Sometimes my girlfriend would be washing dishes in the kitchen, and I kept (that sound), because it’s natural. We want this record to be warm. We want to keep the energy of that home-recording style.”

4. They don’t have a record deal… yet. While the album is in its final mixing stages with veteran producer Jon Drew, the band’s label status remains veiled in secrecy, principally because Charles is too polite to reveal exactly who’s courting them. “There’s a lot of interest, and I don’t want to be an asshole. I’m just taking my time,” he says. “We just want to find the right place and the right people to work with.”

5. Where you can see them play. Fri, Mar 7. With Plants and Animals. Criminal Records, 493 Queen W. Free. 6pm. Also Mar 7, The Drake Underground, 1150 Queen W. $5 before midnight, $10 after. CMW wristbands accepted. 12am. - EYE Weekly, Toronto


About A Girl EP- self released
Let Me Drive EP- available on itunes
About A Girl LP- to be released on Paper Bag Records, Sept 2008



Winter Gloves began as one guy's way of figuring out how to plug himself into life in the big city. It was a single microphone and minimal equipment gathered into Charles F's downtown Montreal apartment to piece together the distance he'd covered since growing up in the countryside of a very rural Quebec. The jarring shift of such a transition seemed to peek through every chance it could, a constant inspiration as much as frustration that was drafted in the band's self-released EP of mainly demo tracks, About A Girl. The contradiction of the new situation that Charles F found himself in has translated into a well-relatable set of rough songs that has been working its way into hands across the country.

Today, Winter Gloves is Charles F (lead singer/songwriter/wurlitzer), Pat Sayers (drums), Vincent Chalifour (synth). Together they've created a project that is driven by the sounds of keyboards and drums; a minimalist approach to pop songs all wrapped up in a constant buzz of bass and gritty synths.

With only a handful of live shows behind them at the beginning of the year, Winter Gloves was already receiving invitations to join bands like Tokyo Police Club on a series of sold-out tour dates (Montreal, Ottawa, two Toronto shows). Such well-attended shows helped spread what was already becoming the wildfire of the About A Girl EP tracks across blogs and music chat sites, lead to top pick coverage at both Canadian Music Week and NXNE this year, and has the guys solidly booked throughout the summer. All this is leading up to the band's debut release on Paper Bag Records this Fall that will pick up to finish where those earlier demo tracks left off, along with a two month cross-Canada tour behind the album already in the works.