Winterlock is the new and upcoming force in hard music. We combine the elements of bands like Flaw and Tool with Mudvayne and Fear Factory for a unique and heavy sound. Many people have told us that we have a catchy twist to our songs that keeps them listening.


In early 2002 two brand new Air Force Airmen met right out of basic training. They had just arrived at tech-school and were set to be roommates. Their names were AB Geoff Cormier and A1C Cliff Oliver and they were instant best friends. The two soon discovered that they both shared an undying interest and love for heavy music. Soon after this discovery they further learned that they were both musicians and started to write music with each other every night. These jam sessions were pure magic, even though all they had were and acoustic guitar and a cheap bass. They started playing for people in the dorms where they lived and their fresh new approach to heavy music was well conceived.
Flash forward to 2003. Geoff and Cliff met an odd fellow airman named Dan Vasko. They were instant friends and again had the same love for heavy music. Now Dan (or Sko) just so happened to be a very unique and very good bass player and with a little convincing said he would jam. Now there were three musicians with a dream and the fourth and final member, Josh Thornburg, Geoff and Cliff’s friend from tech-school, stepped in saying for the most part he was a guitarist but he used to play the drums and wouldn’t mind starting up again.
So, from the time span of summer of 2004 to summer of 2005 the four of them practiced and wrote songs, and when the summer of 2005 came around they started playing parties and building a substantial fan base under the name Winterlock. Then after a little research SrA Cormier found the right numbers to call and started getting shows at local venues for the new band. And they haven’t stopped nor have they gotten any smaller. Since the summer of 2005 till March of 2006 Winterlock has played over 25 shows at a total of 5 local venues including Puccini’s Golden West Saloon, The Atomic Cantina, Burt’s Tiki Lounge, Ralli’s Bar and Grill, and The Launchpad.
In October of 2005 Winterlock went into the recording studio to record a 7 song demo to hand out to clubs and pass on to their fans. The title of the recording was “Dark Revelations” and it featured the songs: Alone, Clouds, Two Years, Evil Machine, One Thru Nine, Change and The Blue Eye. The band has recently added 3 new songs to their repertoire including the very funny and fan loved “I Hate Country Music” the catchy yet brooding “Gateway” the mosh-pit starting “Sacrifice”. There are now plans being laid down to start recording the first official Winterlock album appropriately named “Dark Revelations”.
So, have a listen to the world’s first all Air Force hard rock band, Winterlock. The band has several shows coming up in the following months with the dates as follows: February 18th at The Cell Theatre all ages $5 7pm, The Atomic Cantina Sunday February 26th 21+ Free 9pm, 4th St Bar and Grill (or Ralli's) Wednesday March 1st 21+ $3, and Puccini’s Golden West Saloon Saturday March 11th.
Winterlock can be reached via email at or through Also look for which will be up and running by early spring.



Written By: Cliff Oliver, Geoff Cormier, Winterlock

Silence in a thundering night

no one beside me

Why I go on overextending my will

treading this water

Help me right my wrong intentions

don't care about this

I just can't imagine myself alone

These nightmares running through my mind

Deafening this man who's already blind

Horror-filled rooms full of nothing

Easily jaded and tapped of all trust

You don’t know when enough is enough.

I know when enough is enough.

Locked inside perpetual solitude

the taste’s gotten sour

The time for games has come and gone

didn’t you know that

Search forever through all creation

self mutilation

I am sure


Written By: Winterlock

Finally free


Attritions gift to me

Look at the side of my face

and you'll start to see

Take a look inside my face

and you'll begin to believe

Look out and see that everything is gone

Look now and see that everyone is dead


No hate to pollute you

No pain to dilute you

No fear to restrain you

No spite to dispute you

The same heart that leads you into the light


Will let you fall into the darkest night


Written By: Winterlock

I twisted my soul to love you

You wrenched my heart in return

I built this house around you

Now I just watch it burn

Those eyes starting at me

The ones that took your side

Turn me back into the old me

Who wait to watch you die

Feels like a ball and chain

Wrapped locked around my leg

This time there's no escape

I guess I'll be facing the music this time

But I will see you again

If I'm alive or if I'm dead

Don't make the same mistake

Be aware that there's a prayer for you

Those eyes staring at me

The ones who took you away

Turn me back into the old me

Who is here to stay

And I'll take your lifeless body

And hold it to my chest

It could have been so different

I only wish you the best

Face the music

Wretched soul

I will find love again

If I'm alive or if I'm dead

Don't make that fucking mistake

Just don't make my mistake


7 song DEMO "Dark Revelations"

Set List

Two Years
The Blue Eye
Cover - "Only The Strong" by, Flaw
Evil Machine
The Gateway
I Hate Country Music