Winter Makes Sailors

Winter Makes Sailors


A voice born of a gospel country singer and a part-time bible salesman, Sean Gardner is a songwriter armed with a guitar, piano, and a vast array of effects pedals. He treasures both the simple folk song and the more complicated world of psychedelic oscillators. His songs are honest and melodic.


A singer/songwriter of the texturalist school of music, employed by the love of collecting vintage analog knobs, keys, tube amps, and guitars, Winter Makes Sailors produces home recorded pop songs full of simple melodies and catchy hooks. The songs are the main concern: they are about real life situations-picking up hitch-hikers, witnessing fatal car accidents, lost love and the occasional run-ins with downright distasteful people.

Sean Gardner has been touring for the last ten years in various projects playing guitar, drums, keyboards, and as a frontman. Along with this solo effort, he is currently a songwriter in the bands MeltyMelty and Bookmobile. He is also currenlty touring with Columbus sensations, The Receiver.

In the last year, he has steadily played locally (Columbus, Ohio), regionally, and across the U.S. from NYC to grazing Southern California.

When interviewing himself he was asked to describe the process of writing music for Winter Makes Sailors. "I've been writing music in my bedroom for years on my acoustic. Lately, I've been trying to learn to record and play other instruments, so really, the songs I'm writing are just kind of an experiment of sorts. When you're listening to these songs, you'll hear me fuck up and you'll hear me gradually getting better....well, hopefully. I'm realizing that it's a life long process. I'm excited about that. I always write the songs on an acoustic or on a piano, then translate them into something else. I try to use the various instruments I have lying around to change up the songs a little bit. For instance, I'll try to play the bass parts on my rhodes or I'll play melody on my vibrophones, a drony chorus on an air organ....I don't know--stuff like that. I've got a bunch of effects pedals that I want to use, but I just haven't seemed to find the perfect time for them. Sometimes, I think maybe I have too many options. Again, I'm only learning and trying to implement what I learn from my favorite artists."


The first "official" record will be released in the Winter of 2010.

Set List

30-45 minutes of original songs.