Winters Hill

Winters Hill

 Fareham, England, GBR

Winters Hill are a 3 piece alt-folk acoustic trio from England. They have crafted a unique style, combining elements of folk, country, and rock. The original combination of acoustic guitar, banjo, rhythmic cajon, harmonica and husky vocals and encapsulating lyrics of heartfelt nostalgia make this band stand out from the singer/songwriter genre.


Winters Hill are a 3 piece alt-folk acoustic band from the south coast of England. Formed in 2012. As lifelong friends who shared a passion for music, the band formed on the back of watching a festival and gave themselves a year to be playing that same festival. A year on, Winters Hill has grown way beyond what was expected. With Jack HolmĂ r on lead guitar, harmonica, and steel slide, Max Hoar on rhythmn guitar and lead vocals and Nimrod Taabu on percussion, the band have crafted a distinguished alternative to the traditional acoustic sound. One year on and the band were booked for the the exact festival they set out to play, with a pinultimate slot on the acoustic stage! Before ever playing In front of a single person, interest from local radio had begun as the band crafted their unique sound in Jacks loft. The trio played an acoustic live session on Voice fm as their first ever live performance, And popularity has been growing ever since. The trio now get regular airplay on Express FM. Combining elements of folk,americana,blues,country,and rock, Winters Hill have a certain nostalgia and romance to their music. With catchy choruses wrapped in melodic guitar riffs, Winters Hill have been influenced by many different musicians. From Dylan to Neil Young, Springsteen, to Tom Waits, past and present musicians have all contributed to winters hill's sound. Kenyan born Nimrods drumming style on the cajon is unmistakable, not to mention the spine tingling sounds of Jacks harmonica. Songs of good times and past times, Winters Hill songwriting style has a story telling style which is relatable to every listener. Honing in on there craft, Winters Will have performed on local radio stations And have performed numerous gigs, generating a buzz on the internet and locally. Winters Hill released their debut EP 'Someone in Texas loves me in 2013. Feedback from this debut release has secured them slots at some of the biggest festivals in the south of England including Victorious Festival, Wickham Festival and the world famous Isle of Wight Festival. The trio have recently joined Brother and Bones as part of their european tour, this gained them great exposure. The future looks very bright for this acoustic trio.


Someone in Texas loves me EP - 2013

Set List

Train went west
Too young
Electric cigarettes
Whisky tooth
No one ever told me
Along the watchtower
Natural disaster
Half hearted lover
Some one in Texas loves me
Rhythmn and booze
Oh yeah