Winter's Longing

Winter's Longing


Time and time again music lovers are going to concerts expecting to see a solid music performance along with an entertaining stage show. Generally, bands only succeed in one these areas. However there are those bands that break the norm.


Meet Winter's Longing, five guys out of Alberta, Canada, with more to prove then just their musical skill. Their high intensity shows, filled with emotion, and passion, combined with their intricate musical pieces, and thought provoking lyrics, are creating a name for themselves that is hard to forget. While going to college to graduate with degrees in music, majoring in specified instruments or recording, the five members take the time and thought to write music that connects with their listeners in original and interesting ways.

After completing there debut EP release entitled "Thoughts Uncovered", Winter's Longing has been taking on the Alberta music scene one show at a time, connecting with their audience onand off the stage.We like to get to know our fans, and just be real with them, were a goofy bunch of guys who don't put on any fronts, but rather love what we're doing and who we're doing it for.(Richard Stobbe, bass). With their new full length album on the way and continual concerts, Winter's Longing can't wait to graduate from their last year of college and pursue the band full time.


Thoughts Uncovered EP