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The best kept secret in music


"Showcase Theater 7-25-04" - The Scene Zine Online

"Review - The Pulse Is Overrated EP"

Winter Solstice… just when you think all the good metal names have been taken, someone thinks of using a natural event. I like it but others will hate it. That’s the way band names go anyway. But you didn’t start reading this to get my opinion of the bands name… did you?

So metalcore. A genre of music started by hardcore kids that just couldn’t let go of their Metallica and Iron Maiden albums. It started out innocent (and intense) enough. Just some kids using metal riffs in between standard chug breakdowns. Then started the At The Gates worship, and the style quickly became watered down and stale. Don’t get me wrong, my copy of Slaughter Of The Soul gets played as much as the next metal head. But don’t try and give me a second rate copy and expect me to fall all over my self.

It seems though that the kids are starting to wake up and shed the cookie cutter mold of what metalcore should be. They are branching out into a bit more speed, a bit more chug and a lot heavier. And damn it all if they aren’t getting more talented. This four song EP is just the right taste too.

Great song writing with the right amount of crazy breakdowns and melody executed with precision. It’s not overly mathy and it’s beyond the simple metal of old. It incorporates the strength of hardcore, the velocity and melody of speed metal, and stands up to the giants of the genre (like Converge or Black Dahlia Murder).

It’s a solid EP that would make any fan of the style proud to own. It garners repeat listens… and it makes me smile.

"Review - The Pulse Is Overrated EP"

Winter Solistice have an awesome but unoriginal metalcore sound. Displaying talent and skill laying down some serious riffs and metal squeals, they are fast and tight and exciting. Vocals are very hardcore, and they add some spoken word here and there and break things up with lightening fast blastbeats and terrorizing breakdowns.

Winter Solstice is a very appealing band for fans of At the Gates, Timsa, and Between the Buried and Me. Their music is a skillful combination of hardcore and metal that won't disappoint. This CD has a lot of blistering metal and a few surprises to enjoy. Look for them on tour with A Jealousy Issue this spring.

8/10 -

"Review - The Pulse Is Overrated EP"

I have 2 thoughts to share. One of these 2 thoughts is an opinionated statement based on the 4 incredible songs contained in this newest EP by one Winter Solstice - 'The Pulse is Overrated'. To the factual point - it's a damn fine offering by five god-fearing young men. I was beating my steering wheel so fast in a attempt to keep up with the Dukes drumming, I damn near shattered the entire column. It's a slight surprise I didn't set the thing to flames in a fit of live Solstice imitation. The lyrics - they're in there, but the only moment you are not going not need the cheat sheet is midway through 'Malice in Wonderland', when the following is spoken as if a personal message: "We walk everywhere with sheets over our heads / praying they won't recognize us". Heads with sheets on them don't bring to mind the kindest of kids, but reminds me of the type that set fire to crosses.

5+ minute 'L'Aeroport' is the track that will sell you - it comes closer to cusping the blast / spazzcore edge than any track on display here - all at 6 times in length the normal track of it's caliber [see: Daughters] a keeper for damn sure. Vocalist Matt Tarpey (of Norma Jean, Underoath touring support) holds an advantage over a truckload of frontmen on the hardcore scene to date. Only real concern on my part is the abrupt ending to That's How You Debate, seemingly cutting off the final line only to resurface with a "boo-yah" and what-not. Otherwise, this 4-song is virtually glitch-free.

As for the second (edited) though - the Jesus is overrated. It's been a long time coming, and I am sure not the only corrupt individual who thinks so. The hardcore / nu-metal / hostile-scene has it's fair share of bands who proclaim their indebted love to the man in the clouds, but for me - this takes a touch of the bite out of the sound. Yeah - call it lame, call it a "cry for help" - but know that if this opinion hit you as hard I feel it, your dancing evening would be finished. After you swallow that grain - the first thought remains: these guys have crafted a colossal EP.

God bless the Winter Solstice - with JC on your side, there is nowhere to go but up.


The Pulse is Overrated
(Harvest Earth Records, 2004)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Winter Solstice is a melodic metalcore band based out of Virginia, with a sound that has been compared to Darkest Hour, As I Lay Dying, At The Gates, and Between The Buried and Me. Known for an intensely energetic and fun live performance, Winter Solstice has toured the entire United States, and played with some of the biggest names in hardcore and metal today. These bands include As I Lay Dying, The Black Dahlia Murder, Norma Jean, Underoath, Further Seems Forever, Cannae, Squad 5-0, Between The Buried and Me, Endo, Beloved, and many, many more. In May of 2002, Winter Solstice recorded their first label release, a five song EP. Shortly after, one of the songs to be released was featured on a Facedown Records compilation, and another track would make it’s way up to #2 on the metalcore charts for a couple of weeks. March of 2004 brought the release of a four song EP, entitled “The Pulse Is Overrated”, a disc which has brought critical acclaim to the band, as well as commercial distribution through Hot Topic stores nationwide. Winter Solstice recently signed to Metal Blade Records, with a release slated for early 2005, entitled “The Fall of Rome”. Be on the lookout for this upcoming band in a city near you.