Winter York

Winter York

 Melbourne, Victoria, AUS

Shifting soundscapes of ambient 90's rock, textured with modernised indie pop hooks, and guitar tones from other worlds. Winter York blend an array of styles, performing songs that have the dynamic contrast to take an audience on a complete aural journey.


From the ashes of one band, rose another. It wasn’t just about music; it was friendship… family. Two pals from school had experienced the highs and the lows of being musicians; from the ecstasy of a sweat-soaked rock show to the trials of finding the right musicians to share their musical journey. It fashioned the perfect foundation for them to create their new project.

They are Winter York; born in 2012.

The band has a great deal of music to share with you. For those that know them, some will be similar, but all will be fresh. You’ll get to hear an organic self-produced record in the coming months as well as the much anticipated indie-rock EP "I Can Hear The Silence", produced and Engineered by Melbourne's Lindsay Gravina (The Living End, Faker, Thirsty Merc).

We can’t wait.


Burn All The Houses Down - Debut Single, from soon to be released EP "I Can Hear The Silence"

Set List

The Run
Inside This Church
Burn All The Houses Down
Wish Upon Your Luck
Leave It By My Side
Emotion Epidemic
Walk On
I Can Hear The Silence
As It Came Back
Distant Friend