Winton Charles

Winton Charles


Solo performer/songwriter. I sing sitting with electric guitar and add percussion with my feet running through battery-powered amps. I do originals, classic rock and blues. I cover my favorites like Muddy Waters, the Stones, Van Morrison, Janis Joplin. CSN&Y, Queen, Lennon, Gnarles Barclay.


I've been a hobbiest musician all my life playing in different venues with several bands. I now focus my solo act on street fairs and music festivals. In the 60s I played bass and sang in a locally popular garage/dance band. In the 80s I again played bass in a outlaw country band in the honky-tonks and chili cook-offs throughout central and west Texas. Ever played back up for a rattlesnake race? Not to be missed.

In the past ten years I've put together a couple of bands doing blues and classic rock covers in southern California as lead singer and rhythm guitar - even sang for a Yardbirds tribute band for a year or so. Last year I spent two months in France street singing. It was a blast.