Win With Willard

Win With Willard


From Indiana and from the lovely hearts of Americans comes Win With Willard, stunted pop for the blue in white collar.


Indianapolis’ patience is as gaudy as its monument to Tippecanoe. Fanning out from Circle Centre, where a tourist can maybe take the elevator up to the top of the monument’s spire, the populace loosens up on their cadence, they drive more recklessly while pulses slow and beats temper. Win With Willard, a small pop outfit from Indianapolis, Indiana, plays in the kind of martial anxiety that relishes in the face of the middle of a gaping, yawning Anything. Tight and traditional, the band’s rhythm section dwarves its vocals; the lead guitar barks and begs for attention. Churning and stunted arrangements sound needy, sure, but buried in context and pillaged with hooks, Win With Willard slides out of the albino speakeasies that dot their landscape. And it’s a fine United Statesian story they tell, one of struggle and steady, original vision involving a dependence on unsettling rock tropes and piston bounce. I’m talking the Dream of the Boss, and that kind of All-Apple Pie glee, like familiar guitar riffs spinning around the Midwest’s throat and strangling it. This, while unsettling, is fantastic, you must be thinking, because it all fits your demographic, and in a time when no one’s demographic is clear, you think that’s a nice, warm feeling.


Remember the Alamo

Written By: Win With Willard

Remember the Alamo

1. Brass
2. Rome
3. Sympathy
4. Pecos Bill
5. Old Souls
6. Lady America
7. Slow
8. Peace
9. We Were Singing
10) Save Me
11) Alamo


Words Music by Hock

Arranged By Hock/Nelson/ Geisen/ Burratto

Darlin, it’s over. Come over. Together we’ll see

The air here is thicker than liquor

You know what I mean?

The lights are all gone but the sky that falls illuminates me.

What happens must happen for more than reasons yet to be seen.

Let the brass band play

Such a welcomed sound

let the ashes dance on our tongues before we leave.

Before we go underground

And learn from our mistakes

Believing is deceiving if leaving was the most we could drink.

From cups still overflowing with our knowing all our father’s good deeds.

But how could we fight the very beast inside that each of us needs

To know you, to love you, to perpetuate a selfish routine

We had the whole world in our hands.


Words by Hock

Music by Hock/ Nelson

Arranged By Hock/Nelson/ Geisen/ Burratto

Salt your eyes, your mind

Your voice is in the air, so stare

Preserve the things that you have left

Bereft of might, that might just be the answer to the questions in your mind

A simple saline solution to my ailing sense of irony

And if you drink me, I’ll pour right through your veins and spill out piety

Come, I’ll make you numb

Enough that you feel alright

It’s been years and years since I’ve felt fine myself

Are your stomachs full?

Are your stomachs empty?

It’s been years and years you say, “no, no, no, no.”

You make me feel right

You make me feel like there is always something more

And in the daylight, you take my hands and show me what my knees are for

Take my picture, take my home

Sacrifice it to the glory of Rome


Words and Music by Hock

Arranged By Hock/Nelson/ Geisen/ Burratto

It seems to me you’re simply sentimental why do you complain

When it’s quite plain to see these pills deserve your sympathy from falling down

You’d be hard pressed to find a lot of time

Lying on the ground

Don’t wait, make haste. To a precious anointing

Tonight alone in a seedy motel

To fear the sheep

That re sleeping beside you me

If they should wake, I’ll rub my eyes red until dawn

So grab your wounded knee come walk with me alone amongst the clouds

Where angels dance and sing along to bitter symphonies of doubt

And time is nothing more than cadence calls bouncing off the clouds

Fly away sleeper, the dream wasn’t easy

Your hide away is miles away but you’ll be there soon.

The priests are alive and all pulsing with pills they make

Tempting the pilgrims inside me to quake

Tense rise oh worthless redeemer

Tonight my pyrite

Is found in the eyes of millions of malcontents

Who war on the weekends to make me believe.

We both have our addictions

Just to different things

Yours to methamphetamines

Mine to keeping clean

Pecos Bill

Written by Hock

So you say you want to be a cowboy

Who could ride like Pecos Bill?

Hold on fast now ride like lightning

Hold on fast to laughter still

A thousand kisses make you happy

A thousand loves could make you mad

Or just the thought of so much love laid waste.

It’s enough to make you…

Give it all away you say you know this time I loved you

Give it all away you say this time. this time oh

Give it all away you say this time I loved you. I loved you more

We’re just ballpoint buckaroos

The demigods, the seppuku

And we’re all so ungrateful for the war before us say no more

It’s a war of our father’s tongues, a war of lungs and everyone

Is so so proud of where we came

So you say you want to be a cowboy?

Can you ride like Pecos Bill?

To tame a twister may be out of reach

Tied to your dreams through sleeping pills.

Old Souls

Written by Hock

Arranged By Hock/Nelson/ Geisen/ Burratto

All the old souls sing rock and roll

Throw the stone tone till it reaches to the tongues of God

Pumping our fists at the radio.

Gonna sing it too fast but I’ll take it too slow

To find something soothing so I can just get by alone

We’ve tried, we try to wait

Did it pass you by? Are you left with the wake?

This is just a song for the man in black

Incandescent son of a heart attack

Alright, he hardly put up a fight

Cause pressed in my mind is a factory

Where the time in my hands lends authority

And I’m left here chasing a ghost rider storming alone

Alive, you lie awake.

Don’t pass me by

I am left with the wake

Tell me touch me teach me something

Simple, preening lost completely

Tastes of nothing whisper sweetly

Get off your knees

Set your self free alright

Lady America

Words and music by Hock/ Nelson

Cruelty, if spring is here then I should leave


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Full Length debut on Introit Records - August '06

Set List

Average set is 45 minutes to an hour, consisting of the following:

Pecos Bill
You Said You Were Leaving
Won't Let You Out of My Sight
Save Me
You Were Wrong
Lady Amerika