Loveland, Colorado, USA

Wireframe is a four piece rock band from Northern Colorado. After forming in early 2009 the band eagerly hit the studio to record their self titled EP. With an explosive stage performance and passionately delivered vocals, Wireframe has been making their mark on the Colorado music scene.


Amidst the breathtaking Rocky Mountains is a commanding sound that looms like the shadows cast by the continental divide.

"An explosive stage presence, shredding guitars, infectious rhythms, and passionately delivered vocals"

These are just a few things that describe Northern Colorado band Wireframe. After forming in 2009 the band has been turning heads and punching ear-holes throughout the state. True to their namesake, the band shifts shape and sounds by flawlessly weaving elements of hard rock, punk, grunge, and blues. The result: crunchy, melodic guitar riffs and paint-peeling vocals that give way to mainstream hooks and powerfully captivating melodies.

The band has its sights set on touring regionally after recording their next CD, which is set for release in the summer of 2010.



Written By: Wireframe

All I am, I have given to you leaving me breathless
You stole the air from out of my lungs... from out of my lungs

Holding on to the bitter memories as they slowly fade away
Time stands still, we have lost the feeling
Drifting in between all of these frames

Pull me in
While I am sinking deeper into your skin
I’m paralyzed, I’ve lost control
Pouring out my soul

You have left me breathless…


Written By: Wireframe

It doesn’t make sense to me
Sitting on the sidelines - compromising everything that we once believed
Now it’s time to stand up, shout out above the noise
Considering the choices we made
Wrong or right, raise our voices...

Save me from the wicked ways of this world dragging me down
Casting stones you will bury me under the weight -
Un-named and unknown

When I count the times I’ve burned this to the ground
I watched the ashes scatter around my feet
If justice is just as blind as you claim it to be, why are the innocent hung at the gallows while guilty run free?
Alone we stand, let the sky come crashing down
Wipe the sweat from our burdened eyes

We are left asking ourselves, “What have we won?”
A poisoned truth, too dilute, an imitation
We have been silent for too long

Teeter the Edge

Written By: Wireframe

A far cry from sorrow
One step closer to where I found you
With time that we’ve borrowed
We fall through the endless blue

We teeter the edge
We spin out of control
I found something so beautiful

From here I can see the world
I pull down the sun, I peel back the sky
Time stops for a moment when our hearts collide

All I am, I have given away
When you had nothing to say
When we fall a million miles, we feel alive
Words can’t describe this feeling


Wireframe 2009 Demo

Set List

Our typical set runs 30-60 minutes. All of the songs are original material, no covers.