Wire Graffiti

Wire Graffiti


Wire Graffiti takes alternating currents and conducts them into high-energy generator rock.


This crowd-rousing four piece from Oakland, CA is powered by vocalist/guitarist Katherine Sawyer and guitarist Stev Ohanis, and driven full force by drummer Rob Tucker and bassist Rafa Corral. Wire Graffiti celebrate their tenth year of battering sound systems and frenzying fans wherever they go, by releasing their fourth full length CD which features original bassist Tim Sanchez.

Wire Graffiti have always played what they want, and this self-titled CD is no exception. With Katherine and Stev’s combined influences the new songs are given plenty of juice and plugged into a user-friendly rock album that spotlights what Wire Graffiti is all about, one big rebellious party.


Songwriter's Katherine Sawyer and Stev Ohanis met 13 years ago over a game of pool at Oakland's George and Walt's and haven't looked back. Wire Graffiti's first CD, Poetic Dictionary, a mostly folk-based album written primarily by Katherine and co-written, recorded and produced by Stev, was featured on KFOG's Local Anesthetic. Playing live with band members Tim Sanchez on bass and DC Carter on drums, they quickly developed a sound that shifts easily from ethereal to hardcore, while still keeping one hand on their folk rock roots.

Drummer Derek DeFields joined on for Wire Graffiti’s second recording, Hitting Traffic, which was released in 2000. Rob Tucker then came in on drums for the live shows and Hitting Traffic established the band in the underground club scene, with an ever growing fan base, college radio exposure and local television spots including Bay TV's nationally broadcast 'The Show'.

With Tim Sanchez still on bass and Rob Tucker on drums, the band wrote and released their third full length CD, Peculiar Love, on Valentine’s Day 2003. Taking the material in a decidely quirky and complicated direction they brought in producer Scrote (Casino Royale, Baby Snufkin) This CD features guest artists Dave Palmer (Seal, Fiona Apple, Brian Eno) on keyboards, horn players Mike and Travis Lafferty, and Angelique X (Venus Bleeding, Charm School Dropouts, T&A) singing backup.


1997 Poetic Dictionary
2000 Hitting Traffic
2003 Peculiar Love
2007 Wire Graffiti

Set List

Current Set List 45 minutes 12 songs

Look In My Eyes
Shrinking Violet
One with The Road
Good Times Roll
Fool's Errand
Belle The Killer
Reverse the Edge
Into Submission
Silent Sin