Wires On Fire

Wires On Fire


Nick Cave and Neil Young's bastard children with Elvin Jones keeping time for the humping rhythm, sauce.


I'm not gonna structure this in the normal fashion that bios of rock bands are usually written, because Wires On Fire isn't a normal rock band. The way I see it is; sooner or later you are going to hear Wires On Fire (or better yet, see them play live) and at that moment you'll either get it, or you won't. I hope for your sake you do. My words aren't gonna change the way you feel about your music. What good are my words? I might as well rifle through a jumble of thoughts and ideas that happen to be fresh in my mind in hopes of filling this page up, huh? With that said:

What with the whole "rock revival" thing happening (I read all about it in several "rock" mags recently), and "rock music" being in fashion again (I read about that too in some fashion magazines my girlfriend has), and bands who've been around for no longer than a few months getting multi-million dollar record deals in hopes that they will be the band that smells of teen spirit this generation, you can't help but question the motivations of these "rock bands", can you? You can't throw a rock without hitting a band anymore. People are starting them just to get free drinks at the bar. Record labels too. But don't let this all get you down, I've got some good news for you....

Buddyhead's newest recruits, Wires On Fire, have only the most modest intentions of any rock band you've ever encountered. Their only want is for you to feel a bit of what they're feeling, and to hear what they're playing. For the youth energy that's bottled inside them to spill from their guitars, drums, and bodies and hit you with a sonic tidal wave of volume and rhythm. They'd love nothing more than to leave you sprawled out on the floor, fucked up and soaking wet at the back of some shithole club. Well, maybe that's more unreasonable of an agenda than it should be, but dammit, these kids will sacrifice their well being for your ears, minds, and souls! What more could anyone ask?! It's gonna be a long hard road for these four kids from Los Angeles, but they are more than ready for whatever lies ahead. I sure hope they get to you, like THEY GOT TO ME.

So here's the part where I try and put their sound into words. Wires On Fire take their vast array of influences including Black Sabbath, The Monorchid, Neil Young, The Wipers, The Damned and The Birthday Party and channel them into a combination of sound and energy that's as hard to dismiss, and as impossible to ignore. It sounds how a slap across the face feels. It stings kinda nice. Yes, these guys are young and they have no intention of ever playing the Warped Tour! They're not concerned if a million people hear their music or not! In fact, they love nothing more than playing to a room of sweaty peers. And they actually idolize and listen to REAL bands! Imagine that! Maybe their generation isn't a hopeless wash like we originally thought....

Merely out of high school, these elements have seen Wires On Fire grace the cover of the LA Weekly, book their own tours across the United States, and support such bands as: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Fall, McLusky, Death From Above, Don Caballero, Planes Mistaken For Stars, The Icarus Line, Big Business, and The Dillinger Escape Plan (to mention just a few). All this with nothing more than a demo tape, a whole lot of hunger, fire, venom, and a blistering live performance to their name. Pretty impressive, right? Yeah, these kids rip live!

Things are definitely going to heat up with the new release of their six song debut entitled "Homewrecker" on Buddyhead. Clocking in at just under twenty five minutes, it was recorded by Frances Miranda, known for his work with The Mars Volta, The Icarus Line, 400 Blows, Year Future, and others. Wires On Fire have produced a mere introduction to a legacy in the making. Here comes the get down!


1. Golden Grouper Volume 1 Compilation (Gold Standard Labs) - CD (November 23, 2004) Wires on Fire - Indigo Child

2. Homewrecker (Buddyhead Records) - CD (January 18, 2005)

3. Wires On Fire/ Mean Reds Split CD + DVD (Buddyehad Records)

4. Wires on Fire Self Titled Debut Full Length (Buddyhead Records) - CD (September 2006)

Set List

We usually play 8 songs that lasts about 30 minutes. We ususally don't play covers, and this is what our typical set list would look like.
1. Stallions
2. On A Train
3. Coming to Our Senses
4. Sleeping Witches
5. Death to Jeff Lynn
6. Dusty Bibles Lead to Dirty Lives
7. Crooked Cattle
8. Let It Live