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Wire Spine

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2015
Duo Electronic Industrial



The best kept secret in music


"Wire Spine’s debut takes an even-keeled approach to synth-punk wooziness."

The slow boil of Wire Spine’s development as a live act prior to their first proper release can’t help but shape my reception of Bury Me Here. Sure, there was a quick batch of demos (since withdrawn), but it’s almost wholly via touring that Robert Katerwol and Jesi Tekahionwake built anticipation for this assemblage of murky synths and beats. That sense of anticipation oddly ports over to the music itself; while Wire Spine have certainly grown into a more focused and at times violent act since their earliest gigs, Bury Me Here is the work of a band who can get as much from holding back as they can from erupting.

Just about every song is punctuated by an instrumental interlude, and in this way Katerwol and Tekahionwake find an economic means of doling out the impact of their atmospheric but still punchy sound. The transition out of the deep, nautical ambiance of “Between The Sleep” frames the straightforward rhythmic unfolding of “Burn You”. Tekahionwake’s steady repetition of that track’s title feels more striking than had it left to follow up the fiercer squall of opening track “Soylent” on its own. Similarly, the glittering slime of “Silent Signals”‘ vocal distortion and synth-punk rhythm feels all the more grimy for leaping out between low drones.

The coarse palette of synth smears, blasts, and gurgles which Wire Spine share with Katerwol’s initial project Weird Candle still holds sway on Bury Me Here, but it’s now a stretch to keep thinking of Wire Spine as a Weird Candle side project. Yes, the synths are a tad icier and the drums held to mid-tempo, but the largest distinction lies in Tekahionwake’s development as a vocalist and frontwoman. She’s equally comfortable with a raspy bark as with a monotone croon (or eerie children’s primer singsong on “Naomi”), and the blend of intensity and disaffection she’s been able to convey onstage over the past year or so ports over clearly to record.

For all of its savvy construction and delivery, Bury Me Here retains all of the lo-fi charms of Wire Spine’s live presentation. The odd corner being tidied up doesn’t detract from the rough fun of the project, and the band’s found a way to let each track shine without overproducing them. Bury Me Here well captures the energy of one of Vancouver’s most important acts going right now, and puts their best foot forward to the rest of the world. - IDIE:YOUDIE


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Wire Spine is a Post-Industrial/Dark-Wave duo formed in Vancouver, Canada, in 2015. Robert and Jesi compose on a variety of digital and analog synthesizers conjuring up brooding beats amidst dark melodies and haunting synth leads. Jesiʼs lyrics, although bizarre and enigmatic, are delivered raw and unapologetically. 

Wire Spine's debut album Bury Me here, released by Negative Gain, reached top-sales in Darkwave on Bandcamp during the month of it's release in Spring of 2018 while digital and compact-disc sales did exceptionally well during pre-release. The songs were conceived and recorded throughout the years leading to it’s 2018 reveal. Many of the songs were recorded in their basement with early mixes prepared by Jason Corbett of Actors and his music production enterprise Jacknife Sound. Daniel Myer of Architect/Haujobb (Germany) produced the final mixes and mastered the album in its final form. Bury Me Here is currently available on a limited edition 12” clear vinyl, translucent tangerine vinyl, compact-disc, and digitally through Bandcamp, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Two music videos were also premiered leading up to the album's release, featuring Burn You (filmed in Los Angeles by Francesco Brunotti in 2018) and Soylent (filmed in Poznan, Poland by Mateusz Nowk in 2016), each with exclusive premieres on CVLT NATION and POST-PUNK.COM. More videos are to come through the cooler months leading up to special plans for the debut album's one-year anniversary. 

Wire Spine impressed festival attendees before the band's debut album release appearing at the Negative Gain showcase during SXSW 2017 at Valhalla. Wire Spine performed with dark-electronic artists, Mr.Kitty, Kanga, Pixel Grip, Panic Priest, Strvngers, and Haex at this showcase that reached venue capacity.

Between short tours and festivals, Wire Spine has been writing new material and slowly integrating these works into their set alongside songs from 2018's Bury Me Here. These new songs include Safe and Save me with more tracks sneaking their way into the live performance as 2018 comes to a close. A new sophomore album is being programmed for delivery in 2020.

Jesi and Robert love touring and they base their lives around travelling to perform live. Despite how much time is spent on the road Wire Spine calls East Van their home.

Wire Spine has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with many talented artists including, but not limited to: Carpenter Brut, 3teeth, Velvet Acid Christ, The Body, Drab Majesty, Boy Harsher, Schwefelgelb, Meat Beat Manifesto, OhGr, Samuel Kerridge, Mr.Kitty, Odonis Odonis, Bestial Mouths, Kanga, Actors, Uniform, Lightning Dust, and Severed Heads

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