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"Divine Rock"

In its second year , Rock band "Wisdom's Call will release its first CD "Divine Exchange"

Consisting of 4 members, all have said that their coming together is nothing short of divine intervention.

Most of what the band does, is done on weekends and at nights -when the members are not working
at their day jobs. And it has not all been easy.

The band will soon start touring. "We're really excited" DiPietro, lead vocals said. "Our hopes and dreams are to do this full time as well as a career". - The News Enterprise by Holly Tabor

"The Hard Place"

The first band up this month is Wisdoms Call from Elizabethtown, Ky. They have been around since 2006 and consist of Pete DiPietro, lead vocals and bass, Jake Allen on lead guitar and backing vocals, Patrick Small on rythm guitar and Tracy Poddam on the skins.

These guys mainly play a form of groove metal that keeps you moving. The songs Drowning and Deception have a cool Black Label Society vibe to them with their pounding riffs and well played pinch harmonic sqeels. But make no mistakes, Wisdoms Call is no BLS rip off, far from it. In the song Drowning for instance the first sections are very atmospheric and open with a nice smooth chorused bass sound. Definately NOT a BLS hallmark! The band doesn't stop there and in Deception, after some tight riffing in the verses, we come to an unexpected midsection that - to me anyway - has almost a Police vibe to it with some clean, muted arpeggios that take the song to an entirely different place. The band doesn't take it light though, with thick "Chug" riffs ("Deception" and "Free"} and some nice heavy kick action (check out "Drowning"}.

Now some of you might be saying "There's a lead guitarist in the band..... What about the leads?" Well, I'll tell you. The solos are just right for the songs and appear well thought out and are very well played. The solo in "Free" is speedy but retains that all important feature in music called melody. In "Drowning" Jake lays a quick blazing solo before breaking into a more controlled melodic outro solo. In "Deception" he pulled out all the stops, playing what I consider two solos - one very melodic (with some speedy burst} and then followed up with some killer ripping of the fret board. The Middle Eastern inspired intro and harmony feels in "Free" are nice touches as well, keeping the listener hooked into the track. The vocals on all the songs are very strong and clean and I could understand every word. They are more in the modern rock vein and the harmony vocals are also sung well and add greatly to the songs (check out "Drowning" for a good example).

Wisdoms Call is a band that is metal at it's core but seems to know what to do to get their message out to a wider audience. Their use of thick hardcore riffs will get all the dudes fired up and the cleaner more melodic sections are sure to pull in the ladies. Overall I think that the band writes some good songs and has the musicianship to go as far as they want to go. The riffs are tight, the solos are top notch and the vocals are exactly what a band in their style needs for hard rock commercial success.

The band will be playing live on March 7th at "Center On Main" in Leitchfield, Ky. and the "Java Shop" in Georgetown, Ky on March 13th. For additional dates, band info and to check out the songs for yourself go to: myspace.com/wisdomscallofficialmyspace.

- Music Entertainment by Steve Nall


Still working on that hot first release.



Wisdoms Call was formed in Elizabethtown, Ky in 2006 and consist of Pete DiPietro - lead vocals/bass guitar, Jake Allen - lead guitar/background vocals, Patrick Small - rhythm guitar and Tracy Poddam - drums.

Wisdoms Call has a musical pallete full of so many influences that it's hard to pin this band with a, "Hey, they sound like..." Tag, Wisdoms Call is a band to be experienced and a musical force to be reconed with.

This band delivers a positive message backed by its own brand of hard rock/heavy metal/melodic style of music. The versatility of the music will draw in a wide range audience and the lyrics will challenge its listeners to search their hearts and examine their lives.

Although the road has not always been easy for these 4 men, their strong characters and determination to pursue excellence and a musical career have enabled them to push on.

Wisdoms Call is classified as hard rock/metal but has a unique sound that sets its own personality. With their versatility they set the stage to get their music out to a wide audience. Musically they have something for everyone from the metal lovers, with their hard driving rhythm to the melodic sections and the excellent harmony.

Wisdoms Call is not just another band, this band is set aside from others due to not only their great music ability in writing the music but also in the lyrics that's conveyed in every song through strong, clear vocals. There is no misunderstanding the words! The excellent guitar solos that combine both speed and melody, the grooving bass lines, the pummeling double kick action of the drums and the vocals that range from melodic singing to brutal screams pull it all together for one amazing one of a kind sound.

Their original music/lyrics are inspired by personel life experiences which draw in the listener because they can relate to it. Through their lyrics and music they strive to inspire, encourage and challenge their listeners to acheive things they never thought were possible before, to open their eyes to see the potential that lies inside each and every one and offer this world something better than the negativity that it has so delivered!

For Wisdoms Call, it's all about being an example, to give something positive through their music and hopefully touch and change someones life for the better. This is the heartbeat and driving force of the band. They take their music very serious and so strive to pursue excellence in every area.