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"Wise Dome And Crooked I Prepare For 2012"

Although Crooked I currently has his hands full preparing for the release of his EP Planet COB Vol. 1, the Long Beach veteran has put aside some time to collaborate with an upcoming emcee from Pennsylvania.

Wise Dome is an upcoming emcee from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and one half of the group The Vibraters. Recently, the Love Bandit Records signee released his new single 2012 which features an appearance by Crooked I. The upbeat instrumental features a deep lyrical delivery from both emcees and a soothing female vocalist on the hook. We encourage everyone to check out the song in full by visiting the link included below.

If you are interested in learning more about Wise Dome, please make sure to visit his official MySpace page. In the mean time, keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board for further updates.
Reference: http://www.thevibraters.com/post/603197839/wise-domes-song-2012-the-new-released-single
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Vision Proper ep. on Island Def Jam Music Group.

1 Vision Proper ft. AZ
2 2012 ft. Crooked I
3 Love is Lost ft. Supastition
4 Got Dap? ft. DJ Jay-Ski, Kool G Rap, Canibus
5 This is Dope ft. Planet Asia

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The Birth of Wise Dome

The pyramid scheme of Hip-Hop's indie wiz kid, by Matt Cichowicz of Love Bandit
Records in association with Island Def Jam Music Group.

Now is the moment. Always stay with the moment. Write down the words. Words to captivate.
Look to the book. Find the right phrase. Keep it fresh. Alive. Now stay in the moment. Find
the words that will break through the page. Through the head phones and into the brain.
Listen. Hear the words. Follow the example. Be exposed. Find the music. All that’s ever left.
Bill McClarnon, the artist known as Wise Dome, is five years old and hiding under a car from
his mother. He told her that morning he was heading to school. Twenty minutes later she got
a knock on the door. It was the crossing guard. The guard told her that her son was hiding
under a car at the end of the block. He refused to go to school. Quite a few days began like
that for Bill and his mom.
So many days began with Bill under the car that eventually a truancy officer started coming
to his house to walk him to school. He taught Bill’s mom how to set rules and use an egg
timer to develop time management skills. “When this goes off, you have to get ready for
school,” Bill’s mom would say. Mostly he would just do what he wanted anyway.
Bill failed kindergarten. He had trouble interacting with other kids. The school system said he
showed poor behavior and had emotional problems. They advised his mother to put him in
"special" classes, so she did, and he remained in special classes until he graduated high
By that time, he still couldn’t read a newspaper. Kids in the special classes couldn’t fail at the
end of the year because the school thought it would be too much for them to handle
emotionally. So, they pushed the kids through the grades whether they showed up to class or
not. They didn't even have to try. Bill rarely showed up for class. The days he did, he spent
his time goofing off or break dancing in the hallways. He still managed to pass through
school every year and graduate despite all the time he wasted. Well, the time wasn’t exactly
About 10 years ago in Bensalem, Philadelphia there was a revival of breakdancing. Eric
Venuto (Bamboo of Love Bandit Records) didn’t know much about it at the time, but Bill
did. He already perfected a lot of moves when Eric met him at their friend Jay Jay’s
apartment on the first floor of their building.
The apartment was mostly just a small room with an old sofa and a big piece of linoleum on
the floor. The linoleum was old, too. There were holes in it–it looked like wolves had gotten
to it. That didn’t matter. It was good enough to dance on. Bill, tall and lanky, starts breaking
out moves like Eric had never seen before. Few people had seen these moves. His footwork
was crazy, and his windmills took over the room. All of the time he spent watching dance
movies like “Breakin’” and “Beat Street” in slow-motion on the VCR had paid off. This was
some top-secret shit they were getting into.
That day at Jay Jay’s apartment inspired Eric to rap. He learned how to breakdance, too. He
bought his own piece of linoleum, but he knew he couldn’t be better than Bill at dancing, so
he started working nightly to perfect his rapping. They became good friends after that, and a
reputation started to grow in Bensalem. Eric could rap, and Bill could dance. It was as simple
as that.
When they would go to the mall on Friday nights, people came to see them perform. Eric
would be rapping in some empty corner of the mall with people starting to crowd around, and
out of nowhere, Bill would run in, do a flip off a wall and start dancing. It was a pretty good
show until the cops broke it up and kicked them out. But back in highschool, senior year,
something happened. Bill, the "dumb kid," won the award for being the best dancer in the
After high school, Bill spent some time in college and failed at a few meaningless jobs. There
were drugs and parties, but no success for him. It was enough to convince him to make up for
all the years he wasted. He wanted something better, and he started looking for it at the
library. At home and in school he wasn’t provided with too many answers, so he began
educating himself.
Where school failed, rap succeeded. His classes didn’t provide him with much support or
social contact, but rap did. People were telling Bill he was smart, even if he didn’t believe it.
There were things in books that he wanted to learn about. He loved Bruce Lee and realized he
could learn more about Jeet Kun Do if he read a book about it. There was also the learning
that came from rap. Not all rap, but the rappers like the Wu Tang Clan and Canibus that were
saying something with their lyrics. That is how Bill began to become educated.
People started looking at Bill differently. He was capable of giving good advice, he wasn’t
quick to judge others, and his ears were always open. The self-a