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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"September 2003 front cover"

The band on the cover of our September issue, Wiskerbisket,brought their freewheeling show to Peter C's last month. I like this band's unpredictability and spontaneity; you just never know what they are going to do or perform next!
During the course of one set, singer/guitarist Doug Snook, rhythm guitarist John Everly, bassist Troy Neff and drummer Harry Bleyer ran the gamut from Stone Temple Pilots' "Crackerman" to a hip-hop improv jam (with guest vocals by
former Broken Neck keyboardist Peen), to songs by Bob Seger, Weezer and Wild Cherry, to a blazing metallic version of "Rocky Top," to their original rocker "Skank." Doug and John both ran amok throughout Peter C's, performing atop chairs and keeping the show continually exciting. If you enjoy fun,feverish energy and a sense of adventure, catch Wiskerbisket's return to Peter C's Nov.13.
Jim Price - Pa. Musician

"Ballbuster magazine/Parocks article"

Each song has a style of its own and, depending on which one you're listening to, you'll hear some stuff you're familiar with which I assume are tunes they do in their live set.
Wiskerbisket turned the classic "Stand By Me" into a punk tune, which was really cool. The other tune that I feel I should mention is "6 Finger Flip," which is just an all out rock song. Yeah...This is a good tune to end the disc with because it leaves you wanting more.
Paul Autry
http://www.parocks.com/paulautry - Paul Autry

"John Train article"

Wiskerbisket?when you hear good stuff it just sticks out like a piece of fresh shrapnel.These guys were maintaining vocals for an active group like
Wiskerbisket.Wiskerbisket? A scary concoction (www.wiskerbisket.com). Scary in the sense that one could imagine these guys being offered an all-expenses paid concert at the DDT convention at Love Canal with transportation provided by All-Terrorist Airlines and their reaction would be, "Gig? Yes, Party!" Wiskerbisket
appears to be alternative-reality based. If it doesn't have to do with musical madness and dancing then they don't know nothing about it.You'll know all their stuff and be consistently impressed or surprised by how they twist things up. If its non-dance (Devo's "Whip It"), it will be when the 'Bisket is done with it. If it's a sentimental little ditty (Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl"), it's party when Wiskerized.Fortunately (for the audience), lead guitarist/vocalist Doug Snook
appears to be ignoring his meds, and guitarist John Everly, bassist Troy Neff and drummer Big-H all appear to be taking their therapy a little lightly. It's a tribute to Snook's performance skill that no one took a guitar chop to the head or anything really vital when he got fully animated. If a little unsupervised chaos works for you,Bisket has a seat (for as long as you can hold on to it) in the house for you.
John Train-Pa.Musician - Pa. Musician


Self titled cd release on January 1st 2004
free downloads at http://www.soundclick.com/wiskerbisket


Feeling a bit camera shy


Wiskerbisket is one of Pa.`s premiere party/dance band.Our best opinion of what
Wiskerbisket sounds like is to go check out one of their shows!!Enjoying an average of over 1,000 unique hits to their website per month. http://www.wiskerbisket.com
Wiskerbisket is steadily becoming an enterprising business unto itself.

In January 2002,joining together to easily quench the thirsts of fans who just wanna party and dance the night away.Averaging more than 100+ fans to their shows.Playing all your party/dance tunes from the 60`s to present .With a `lil Bisket twist of course.
In March 2003 the band added John Everly on guitars to officially become a 5pc. band.His skills on guitar gives the other band members the freedom they deserve to roam the crowds and party w/ each and everyone at our shows.As of Sept. 2003 Doug Weaver chose to part ways w/the Bisket.Good Luck man!!
The Bisket is louder and better than ever and ready to dominate the local scene.If you wanna` party hard and dance w/ the women all night check out the Bisket when we come to party in your area!!!