Wissahickon Chicken Shack

Wissahickon Chicken Shack

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

"Wissahickon Chicken Shack flawlessly blends many instruments into a unique country sound. Influenced by traditional country music, this band creates emotional harmonies that will leave you feeling good. You don't want to miss it!" --Comcast Local On Demand


Philadelphia-based Wissahickon Chicken Shack seamlessly fuses a variety of folk, rock, country and bluegrass influences into a musical landscape reflective of the breadth and depth of the American experience.

In the last four years they have performed to accolades at such festivals as the Philly Folk Fest, the Northeast Pennsylvania Bluegrass Festival (NEPA), the Sterling String Fling, and the Camp Jam in the Pines.

When not onstage before festival crowds, they can be caught off-season at the World Cafe Live, the Sellersville Theater, the Tin Angel, Hill Country NYC, Steel City Coffee, and numerous other Mid-Atlantic clubs.

Tight three part vocal harmonies and instrumental chops honed at countless bar gigs and festivals have earned the group a reputation as an incendiary live act.


Long Way from Sunset

Set List

Our preference is two 60-90 minute sets with a break, but we are also comfortable with a 45-60 minute festival set, and flexible to accommodate almost any need.

We're also flexible in terms of configuration, which enables us to meet the needs of most venues and festivals.

We generally play acoustic instruments run through DI/preamp/EQ boxes into the board, along with Piano and Drums, but we also play as a completely acoustic string band in some situations.

Our original tunes include:
Hot Rod Bob
Travelin' On
House in the Hills
Just Can't Wait for the Sun
Queen of the World
One Last Kiss
Beat Down
See it Someday
In the Morning
Who's Gonna Love Me When You're Gone
Little Gidding
The World Awaits
Abraham's Lincoln
Slow Train
Blue Highway
Big Chill

We tend to switch up cover tunes from week to week, a short list of recent picks is:
Way Downtown (trad)
Give Back the Key to my Heart (Wilco)
Red Clay Halo (Welch)
Red Wing (trad)