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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Pop Indie




"Premiere: Wistappear, ‘Good Sign Bad Sign’"

As displayed on the 2014 EP “Ride It Out,” L.A.’s Wistappear doesn’t do anything by the indie-rock playbook. Songwriter Ian Lipson has a penchant for sonic whimsy, lyrical hyperactivity and, as the new single “Good Sign Bad Sign” attests, alliteration. The phrases “sneaky sinking cinnamon” and “might martyr marmalade” are nothing if not flavorful, though, and in the playful rhythmic context of the song — “a celebration of life’s utter unpredictability,” Lipson says — you get a sense of his millenial sensory overload.

It’s the first song from Wistappear’s long-in-the-works full-length, “Knack for Whatever,” a nine-song bricolage that was conceived in L.A., rehearsed and refined in Oregon and then finished in Athens, Ga., where Lipson and drummer Evan Jiroudek worked with producer/engineer Drew Vandenberg (of Montreal, Toro y Moi, Kishi Bashi). During their stay in Athens, they also collaborated with McKendrick Bearden (Grand Vapids) and John Fernandes (Olivia Tremor Control). All that sounds like a good sign, but as Lipson suggests in the chorus, a good sign in this day and age could very well be a bad sign.

||| Stream: “Good Sign Bad Sign” - Buzzbands.LA

"ナマ音重視のダイナミクス!Wistappearがデビュー作から 'Loose Fate'を公開"

フロントマン Ian Lipsonを中心に結成されたロサンゼルスのインディーロックバンド Wistappearが、今夏リリース予定のデビューアルバム "Knack For Whatever"から 'Loose Fate'を公開!

今作のプロデューサーはDrew Vandenberg (Mothers, of Montreal, Toro y Moi)が務めており、McKendrick Bearden (Grand Vapids), John Fernandes (Circulatory System, Olivia Tremor Control)がゲスト参加しています。 - Niche Music (Japan)


It's been a heavy time for me lately. When I opened my e-mail to look at submissions I came across a video from LA based Indie Pop band Wistappear that instantly brought a smile to my face. Lead singer Ian Lipson harnesses a youthful energy in his song "Every side," championing a positive outlook on one's future despite doubt and uncertainty. I love the jangly and bright drumming and hopeful classic pop guitar licks that drive the tune upwards. Sometimes people forget to slow down and enjoy the present. Let's take a minute out of our busy lives to contemplate how we can do better and how we can recognize all the good things going on for ourselves, our friends, and loved ones. Keep making music that lifts people up when they are feeling down. Sometimes it is the only way to make sense of the world. - See/Saw

"Ears Wide Open: Wistappear"

Some San Diego locals may recognize the frontman of L.A. quartet Wistappear. His name is still Ian Lipson, but he’s got a new project now that he’s in the City of Angels. Recruiting Evan Jiroudek, Marcus Hogsta and Isaac Tamburino, Lipson’s work as Wistappear is an interesting fusion of psychedelia, wonky rock n’ roll and folk-pop. Songs like the title track of the band’s EP “Ride It Out” is zany and buoyant with its guitar riffs while other songs like “Out at the Races” slow it down so the bass lines can breathe. These guys aren’t conforming to any trends and they’re still having fun; L.A. bands can do that, you know. Wistappear’s “Ride It Out” EP is out now via EyeLips Recordings.

||| Download: “Ride It Out” - Buzzbands.LA

"Wistappear – Ride It Out EP"

After introducing the Walrus readers last year to the fun and folky etchings of San Diego’s Ian Lipson he has fast become one of my favourite finds of 2013. Since then Ian has been hard at work in the studio reworking and fine tuning his first EP release with his new project Wistappear (Facebook) . The result of this hard work are a perfect ensembles of 5 catchy and charming indie pop ballads and The Blue Walrus has been lucky enough to been given an exclusive listen to this new record .

If you remember back in May last year we championed this talented young man’s acoustic toe tapping take on 60’s nostalgia. His music is abundant with the essence of time armed with nothing but a guitar and a bright spirit. Hs warm, starry eyed vocals showcase a talented young man who’s music is as cheerful and pleasant as the California weather of his hometown.

On first listens to this EP it’s easy to compare and pick up on the similarities to retro enthusiasts Miles Kane and Jake Bugg in the fact that he has the vintage jingle thing down to a tee, a thing that can sometimes sound stale or unoriginal when overused, but Ian’s music shares something a little bit more unique. It’s striped back acoustics are authentic and carefree and overflow with heartfelt buoyancy giving it a up to date pop centric feel.

The EP begins with “Ride It Out” a sunlit acoustic opener with layered in guitars that ride trough like a 50 mile scenic drive. Passing away the time carelessly the shimmer chimes add some sparkle to the melody and form an unstoppable jamboree before gleefully hopping into to my favourite track “Extra Mile“. This is the song that introduced me to Ian with that top tapping beat and ode to 60’s musical heritage. It’s rebellious and infectious from verse to chorus. The blend of guitar stomps, percussion and energetic vocals mix together to build into an exhilarating pop song and catchy beat that encourages you to sing along.

Impressively two songs in and this record is already fully charged, filled with energetic, confident and fun boasting songs. “Out at The Races” may glisten on the surface in it’s intro but quickly turns into a attention grabbing and overwhelming surge of melody. It’s an indie pop spirit builder with it’s fun oscillating beat that rides like a roller coaster of sound. While next track “Come and Go” is light and preppy and riding in retro idealism.

You now may be bursting with a healthy dose of optimism and ready for your plateau as we come to the closing track “I Don’t Even Know You”. Sweet and wistful the last track is buried underneath a sentimental boasting jangle mellowing out but leaving you wanting more.

I can’t fault this record at all, it such an easy record to listen to and enjoy. It’s a ruckus of heightened elevation wrapped up in indie pop form. The prefect record for fans who like melodically-charged song’s that pack a cheerful punch .

The EP will be avaliable via the Wistappear Bandcamp page – wistappear.bandcamp.com - The Blue Walrus


Knack For Whatever - Album (2016)
"Every Side" - Single (2015)
"Midnight Preacher" - Single (2015)
Ride It Out - EP (2014)



Wistappear is a southern-Californian indie rock project which sprouted from the off-kilter autobiographical songs of Ian Lipson. He urgently mined for self-understanding through song, while back at his childhood home, living the classic millennial tale after two years of recklessness and musical adventure in Los Angeles. Carrying a disorienting duality of youthfulness and nostalgia, Lipson’s solo works evolved into full band orchestrations as he found himself back in Los Angeles finishing a 5-song EP titled Ride It Out, assembling a live band, and recording two standalone singles ("Midnight Preacher," "Every Side") at Universal Rondor Studios in Santa Monica. Wistappear went on to work with producer/engineer Drew Vandenberg (of Montreal, Toro y Moi, Kishi Bashi) who mixed the singles and then co-produced/engineered/mixed the upcoming album, Knack For Whatever. For the past three years, Ian Lipson and Evan Jiroudek (drums) have been building music and incubating a special spontaneity that permeates the multi-dimensional musical mischief of their debut record Knack For Whatever. ​The album was recorded in Athens, GA, with producer/engineer Drew Vandenberg (Of Montreal, Toro y Moi, Kishi Bashi). About a year ago, the band packed their lives into a minivan, and left LA for a multi-month journey across the country, not turning back until the record was complete. Wistappear refined, rehearsed, and performed the material while on the Oregon coast. And the day they raised enough funds to keep the wagon rolling, they forged onward through the States until reaching the creative oasis of Athens, the prime nesting grounds for the record. Throughout the recording process, Wistappear explored the vibrant musical community there, and worked together with McKendrick Bearden of Grand Vapids, John Fernandes of Circulatory System and Olivia Tremor Control, among other inspiring figures who spring from the Athens scene. Upon returning to Los Angeles, Lipson and Jiroudek regrouped with guitarist Dylan Rodrigue, and long-time collaborator and bassist Marcus Högsta, with whom they continue to develop new material and perform. Wistappear plans to release Knack For Whatever later this year, and share a few singles in the meantime. 

"L.A.'s Wistappear doesn't do anything by the indie rock playbook... a penchant for sonic whimsy, lyrical hyperactivity..."   
-  Kevin Bronson, Buzzbands.LA 

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