Witch Ever

Witch Ever

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

WITCH EVER reaches deep into the Mississippi delta and rocks it hard to rattle your restless bones. You will dance and you will drink. Grab a partner!

Heavy as lead then light as a feather. Witch ever is full of surprises .

Stunning videos refresh the genre, challenging social conscience.


Artist : "WITCH EVER"

Stephen Sirisko, Cal Woodruff, Zack Madsen

Genre : Alternative Rock

2011 Release - "Video EP" titled " 2 % "
Available via YouTube or on High Definition-DVD

Song Titles :
1. 2% http://www.youtube.com/user/witchever99#p/a/u/0/1U1bowZp23A View Video Release
2. The Push http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIDDeSWM04c View Video Release

"Witch Ever" deliver their intense sound and undeniable character when performing at Toronto's core clubs, such as: The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern in the "Saturday Night Slot" as well as Lee's Palace, The Drake Hotel and The Bovine Sex Club . The band continues to garner shows across Ontario on the indie circuit and are working on C.O.C.A. showcase opportunities to develop the act into the National College & University market in Canada.

The Johnny Cash, Jimi Page and Jack White influences are apparent in their energetic, high intensity, alternative rock. Witch Ever incorporates vintage tube amps and classic Gretsch sounds to deliver rockin' rhythms that make a body move. Their tasteful dose of Psychedelia is polished with soaring guitar work. Melodic vocals create a clear connection with the audience in a dynamic live show. The band has an original sound and distinct personality that draws people to the stage front.

Their two amazing videos are available on high definition DVD and are the precursor to what aspires to be a brilliant debut album, due for release in the spring of 2012 .

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With recent critical acclaim and local buzz, the future looks bright for Witch Ever.


Voter Supression

Written By: sirisko

Whatever happened to your revolution
On your knees for the constitution
Air conditioned in a sea of pollution
Overfed and out of solutions
see the baby jesus on the lawn
pointing to a future
in a bomb

2 %

Written By: S. Sirisko

The streets are unkind
you have home on your mind
a k9 for love
cant buy heaven above

It's hard to compete
making love on concrete
newspapers tumble
their views at your feet

Did you get your head down
did you get in the way
did you go to your knees
when they told you to pray

Cling to the heat
and dream that you're meat
winners drive by
and here comes the sleet

Asphalt is earth
still bloody from birth
only your mother
can whisper your worth


High definition DVD available @


Debut album set for release in spring 2012

Set List

60 min of original work .
Paint me
Swamp thing
Voter suppression
Neighborhood Witch
Storm Surge
Woke up betrayed
Family Day
Shadows don't play
Compressed in the wreckage ...and more .

Covers when the mood arises

Joy Division / Rage against the machine etc.