with a bullet.

with a bullet.


Equal parts Big Guitars, Dance able Drum Beats, D.C., Olympia, Boredom, Manic Depression and Hard Alcohol.


Born out of the boredom of a sleepy little desert town at the foot of the Cascades, (Yakima,Wa) A place better known for apples and CRACK COCAINE than rock music, the band With A Bullet finds themselves in the perfect place to cultivate a sound all their own. Drawing from a wide-ranging catalog of influences ( Jesus Lizard, Karp, Drive Like Jehu and Nirvana) the band manages to incorporate some of each while still sounding original. With A Bullet's live perfomances are nothing short of savage, the band is in constant furious motion. Wailing, screaming and thrashing until every ounce of energy is drained. The songs take on an even more raw and heavy feel. Recently the band successfully completed its 1st national tour and is set to hit the road again this coming spring.

With a Bullet has recently shared the stage with These Arms are Snakes, Fleshies, Head Like A Kite, The Blakes, Black Elk, The Ruby Doe, Helms Alee, Madraso, and Lozen ....just to name a few.


This is the sound it makes LP released in Jan of 2007. A new record is currently in the works.

Set List

1) Till the day I'm dead.
2) Conversation Piece.
3) This Vaccine.
4) Give it a name.
5) Where We Belong.
6) Tastes Like Burning.
7) Am I your Pulse?
8) A cruel Instrument.
9) Ten Minutes
10) Dead Wrong
11) End...

Encore=Stairway To Heaven Or Free bird.

Set without Encore 40 minutes.

Set With Encore 3 hours and 53 minutes.