With Conviction

With Conviction


Hey kids! Bored by the same old breakdowns? Tired of mediocre hardcore? Try With Conviction! Thats right, With Conviction! Bringing together the best parts of Bay Area thrash, 90's hardcore, & almost everything metal, With Conviction is guaranteed to satisfy!


As Defined by Webster's Dictionary...
Conviction- "An unshakable belief in something".

With Conviction will make you believe that aggressive music is not lost. Labels may have turned it into a trend, but With Conviction is taking it back. With Conviction will make you believe they can. With Conviction will put hardcore back into this out-of-control metalcore machine- music with a message, a story, a belief...
With Conviction believes in people, positivity, unity, challenge, & change.

A collective vision of expression & intensity brought With Conviction together (not to mention a love for all types of music, especially the aggressive type- metal, hardcore, etc.). What has driven the band is to reach a new height and show the world good music is still out there.

With the release of their 6-song, self titled EP in Summer 2007, With Conviction's speedy yet catchy riffs and searing vocals take you on a pulse racing journey of betrayal, frustration, anger, love and back all within about 16 minutes- expect nothing less from their live shows.

Energetic, intense, expressive- this is With Conviction.


It Never Felt So Good to Kill

Written By: Michael Kopko

Grind slowly to a halt/ I now know its my fault/
Don’t accept apologies/ harsh words are returned/
In this moment/ its time to bruise/
Its your last breath/ its time to choose/

You're better off dead/ these words are a disguise/
So much I have learned/ learned to despise/

I rise with a new rage/ and start a new bloody page/
The grin on my face should say it all/

Spread your bones/ across the earth/
Speak now/ for what its worth/
You’re dead to me/ you’re dead to you/
Lost in fire/ what to do?/

The urge to/ inflict pain is/ overwhelming/
I should just drift away/ and stop the dwelling/

You’re better off dead/ all has been said and done/
I am the one that realized/ this should have died/
Twice before/

Blood will be shed/ if the gears/ turn once more/
Now years pass/ and you wash up on the shore/
With the sands of time/ your bones/ will bleach/
In the sun

Matters not/ I have won

Clench Your Fist

Written By: Michael Kopko

With adaptation/ being the key to survival/
I take out all boundaries/ and take on every rival
Complacency is not for me/ don’t expect me to accept face value
I need true colour/ I need the light/
To reach a new height/ is the purpose and the goal

Attend the battle at hand/
The true fight can be seen as plain as day/
Stand from where you lay/ its time to make a difference/
Give meaning to existence/ don’t stop/ be persistent

Don’t let them cross your path/
Soon you will need to attack/
This is war/ this is suffering/ let the world know/ expose everything
You are the key/ let people see what you see

When they come for us/ remember this/
When they come for us/ clench your fist

Stand my ground/ dig in with both feet/
I declare no surrender/ I demand no retreat

With self expression/ being the key to clarity/
I break out of conformity/
I make/
My own decisions/ final/ no one will rival them/
For I/ I have made them/ and they are mine

Nothing To Lose Or Prove

Written By: Michael Kopko

Nothing to lose or prove
I am me; it’s all I’ll ever be
And I’m proud of it
Love it or leave it
Leave it and you lose
As if I’ll leave it in their hands to decide
That sneer-faced judge
Their cross-armed disapproval
To them there is no higher
Too cool for school
Too tough for you
Well fuck them
Cuz I’ve got nothing to lose or prove


Demo CDR (2006)
With Conviction EP (2007)

Set List

typical set is 25-30 mins

1. it never felt so good to kill
2. the earth stops spinning
3. we are not worthy (new song)
4. meaningless poetry
5. everything
6. of my own
7. clench your fist

*occasional cover- "Zombie Prescription" by Snapcase