With Hands Like These

With Hands Like These


Think the pop hooks of Rise Against or Taking Back Sunday, but add in more dynamic and technical ability. Two lead singers provide high energy stage prescence with sing-a-longs and chorus hooks, singing songs about love, loss and sex. With a drummer so enthralling you can hardly look away.


Formed in early 2009 in the barren winter of Edmonton, AB, when a group of university students met a drum virtuoso, With Hands Like These is a tight knit group of close friends who love to play music and continually raise the bar higher for each other, for the music.

We write songs we feel others will enjoy, but more than that we write to enjoy what we play, with a mix of technical ability and pop inspired hooks.

What sets us apart from other groups is our ability to write hooks that stay with you, the technical ability to impress other musicians, a trained business sense (from our B.Com degree backgrounds) and the desire to suceed and have the crowd sing along to each and every one of our songs.

We want to play gigs and share our sound with anyone who will listen.


Currently recording promo songs/EP songs

Set List

We have a 30-45 minute set list, depending on the venue and available space. We have played Foo Fighters - My Hero on occasion, but tend to save it for request. Mostly all original songs.