Without Amusia

Without Amusia


Funk-Latin-Reggae-Rock, With Lyrical integrity and great stage presence

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We are currently working on a full length album called "Tilt Your Vision" which should be done by January.

Set List

Our setlists range from how we see the audience, so it would be difficult to give an exact one. Usually its all of our high energy danceable songs. We have a few covers we pull out every now and then, some ranging from "F@$& Her Gently" By Tenacious D, "Handlebars" By The Flobots, and "Beer" By Reel Big Fish. But usually songs in some random order by us are extended for soloing and fun, so our sets can and have been up to an hour and a half when we headline, but we can cut for shorter times... it really depends on the crowd.