Without Armour

Without Armour


Without Armour is a versatile, pop/rock band from Halifax, NS. Although focused primarily on original material, the band offers a solid mix of original and cover tunes for live performances targeted toward a broad demographic of listeners- from young adult and beyond.


Without Armour, an emerging pop/rock band from Halifax, NS, represents a fearless project in exposing the frailties and successes of human emotion that has been missing from mainstream pop for some time. The sincere, bold lyrics of singer/songwriters Angela Matheson-Coutu and Margo MacCluskey-Whitman have the ability to captivate an audience by translating the unspeakable into a soulful expression of love, joy, pain, fear, frustration and truth. The visible chemistry between the two, along with drummer Evan LeBlanc (The Departure), bassist Andrew MacInnis, and lead guitarist Jill Chambers, reveals an honest depth that listeners will relate to and respect. Formed in late 2007, Without Armour reflects a mix of the sweet, soulful sounds of a Norah Jones or Jewel, an edgy Kathleen Edwards and early Sarah McLachlan. A new, creative blend of intelligent songwriting and broad-based appeal will fuel Without Armour’s debut onto the scene in 2008.

Set List

Set list typically includes half original/half cover. Covers range from Anna Nalick, KT Tunstall, Sheryl Crow to the Beatles, Jackson 5 and Barenaked Ladies.